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BluePrint Engines Pro Series 376 CID/530 HP LS Crate Engine: Ready-Made Horsepower

For the money, you really can’t beat the power a BluePrint Engines Pro Series 376 CID/530 HP LS Crate Engine makes. Better still, you can get the fully assembled engine dropped off at your house, ready to make horsepower in whatever four-wheeled contraption you bolt it in.

The Pro Series 376 CID/530 HP LS engine cranks out 530 horsepower and 495 lbs.-ft. of torque and is built with the good stuff:
• New GM 6.2L aluminum block
• 3.622” stroke nodular iron crankshaft
• 6.098” long connecting rods with bolts rated to 150,000 PSI
• New hypereutectic pistons, 10.7:1 compression with 72cc heads
• New hydraulic roller camshaft, 225°/238° duration @ .050, .612”/.585” lift, 113° lobe separation
• New BluePrint MuscleCar aluminum cylinder heads with 259cc/102cc runners, 72cc combustion chambers, 2.165”/1.600” valves
• New factory-style LS3 intake manifold with 90mm throttle body, fuel injectors, and fuel rails
• New coil packs, ignition wires, and Champion CPN-9405 iridium spark plugs
• New water pump, harmonic balancer, valve covers, and timing cover


Dorman Infotainment Modules for Mazda and Cadillac: The Same Great Tech without the Cost

Buying a new infotainment module when yours crashes can be pricey—but scrimping on features that keep you safe and connected isn’t a good solution.

Dorman OEM Remanufactured Digital Instrument Clusters and OEM Remanufactured GPS Navigation Control Modules for Mazda 6 and Cadillac SRX are re-engineered parts that not only meet but exceed factory standards with the proof laid out in rigorous simulator testing. 

The best part? You get high-quality tech at a fraction of the cost of brand new modules. 

GPS Navigation Control Module
Don’t waste money sending your car back to the dealer when your GPS goes bust—replace it with a restored Dorman GPS Navigation Control Module. The direct-fit module is easy to install and comes with the same features and functionality as OEM. With a price tag that’s typically about 15 percent lower than factory, you won’t walk out in sticker shock.

• 2013-16 Cadillac SRX

Digital Instrument Cluster
There’s nothing more annoying than gauges that are on the fritz—except maybe the cost to replace them. Dorman Digital Instrument Clusters are an inexpensive alternative to buying brand new. Plug-and-play gauge clusters are available, work just as well, if not better than factory, and come with new stepper motors, backlighting bulbs, and filament units.

• 2003-05 Mazda 6



ST Suspensions Performance Coilover Kits: Good Looks and Unbeatable Performance

When it comes to handling, ST Suspensions Performance Coilover Kits are hard to beat. Threaded shock bodies allow for easy height adjustments on all four corners of your car, so you can lower your ride to just above ground level for a fully customized look—and change it up again anytime you want.

The coilovers are precision-engineered, road-tested, and meet the rigorous safety standards for the German TÜV—with reduced rollover risk and less drag for better acceleration. ST Suspensions Performance Coilover Kits also feature corrosion-resistant zinc-threaded strut housings, elastomeric bump stops, self-centering boots, and matched damper and spring rates for better drivability.

Available in front, rear, and all-wheel drive configurations for various Acura, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Subaru, and Volkswagen models. 



Give Your Powerboat a Horsepower Boost with an Eddie Marine EMI Thunder Exhaust System

Eddie Marine says its EMI Thunder Exhaust Systems have been the powerboat world’s most popular high performance exhaust systems for over twenty years. Available for small and big block Chevy engines, EMI Thunder systems feature aluminum exhaust manifolds with large individual runners for ultra-efficient exhaust flow and velocity. That improves torque and horsepower. Other features include:

• Direct replacements for many stock MerCruiser systems with cast iron manifolds
• High performance riser pipes with 3 1/2” I.D. tubing and 4” exhaust hose connections (most systems)
• 70 pounds lighter than systems with stock cast iron manifolds
• Three-step finish process for corrosion resistance
• Available polished or hardcoat-anodized in black, blue, or red


Get Consistent Ignition Performance with Intellitronix Multi-Spark CD Ignition Systems

Ignition box. Black box. Brain box. Pulse pack. Igniter box. They’ve been called by a lot of names over the years, but one thing is for certain: No matter what they’re called, our favorite tire roasters perform better with a multi-spark ignition. 

Take these Intellitronix Multi-Spark CD Ignition Systems, for example. Designed for street, track, and off-road vehicles, these USA-made high performance capacitive discharge ignitions provide 150 mJ of spark energy and 55,000 volts of secondary output voltage at a tach-busting 12,000 RPM. That’s enough spark to ignite the most densely packed air/fuel charges in any performance engine! 

Check out the rest of the features:

  • High-tech microprocessor-controlled technology
  • Consumes less power to operate
  • User-adjustable rev limiter for use with most 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines
  • Works with points, OEM, aftermarket electronic and magnetic crank systems
  • Operates with all negative ground and 12V electrical systems with distributor
  • Great for racing applications not equipped with an alternator
  • Includes a tachometer output wire that can trigger shift lights or add-on
  • RPM-activated devices
For marine and other severe-duty applications, Intellitronix has the Prometheus Ignition System. Its patent-pending design has the same features as the Multi-Spark ignition but also includes:
  • Built-in self-protection that monitors output current and internal operating temperatures to provide protection from bad coils, faulty wiring, and system failures
  • System protect-mode that prevents the ignition system from self-destruction and or damaging other ignition components
All Intellitronix Multi-Spark CD Ignition Systems are backed by a lifetime warranty. 



Keep Track of Almost Everything with Innovate MTX Series Digital Gauges

Get a set of Innovate MTX Series Digital Gauges and you can keep an eye on many of your engine’s goings-on—air/fuel ratio, boost, EGTs, oil and fuel pressure, oil and water temperature, and voltage. You can even monitor fuel temperature and the percentage of ethanol in your fuel, all with digital accuracy and easy-to-read displays.

Innovate MTX Digital Series gauges come with black and white faceplates plus black and silver bezels so you can create a look that best fits your dashboard display.


Build Your High Performance Engine Right with Howards Cams ProMax 2618 Race Pistons

When you consider the extreme environment in an engine’s cylinders, it stands to reason that installing a high lift cam, larger valves, a bigger carb, or even forced induction puts the pistons under even more strain. Add in some trips on the tach of 6,000 RPM or more and you’re flirting with disaster. 

That’s why Howards Cams created ProMax 2618 Race Pistons. The “2618” refers to the 2618-T61 series of heat-treated aluminum billet bar stock the pistons are forged from; it contains less than one percent silicon particulate, giving the pistons the strength to keep their shape and size under extreme pressures and high RPMs. Using the 2618 material also allowed Howards Cams to eliminate “skirt shrinking”—the annoying sound of piston slap that rears its ugly head at startup and goes away when the engine reaches operating temperature. Moreover, the shape of the CNC-turned skirts can handle severe side loads without scuffing or splitting the cylinder walls. 

Other features include:

  • Fully CNC-machined
  • Accumulator grooves for improved ring seal
  • Piston domes (where applicable) are fully radiused to eliminate sharp edges and potential hot spots
  • Valve pockets are precisely designed to accommodate large cam profiles and oversized valves
  • Machined oil drainback holes
  • Forced pin oilers
  • Lock removal indents
  • Lightweight .150" aircraft-quality wrist pins with double Spirolox® retainers
The ProMax 2618 Race Pistons are available for small and big block Chevy, GM LS, and small block Ford engines. 



Drop Your GMT900 Pickup with a RideTech StreetGrip Suspension Kit

Want to get your GMT900 pickup to look like RideTech’s 2008 Sierra in the photo? All you need are some 20 inch wheels and tires of your choice and one RideTech StreetGrip Suspension Kit.

Designed for 2007-13 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s, the StreetGrip kit is fully adjustable for ride height—up to four inches up front and 6.5 inches out back. You can also fine-tune the handling and ride quality by adjusting the HQ Series front coilover and rear shocks. Developed with input from Fox Shocks, the gas-charged monotube shocks offer 24-position rebound adjustment. The rear shocks are valved to keep the rear wheels settled and in full contact with the pavement when the truck is not carrying a load.

The StreetGrip Suspension Kit comes with front drop spindles, a rear flip kit with adjustable leaf spring hangers, and all necessary hardware for installation. You won’t need to break out the welder to install the kit, and the shocks are backed by RideTech’s 1,000,001-mile limited warranty. Not that you’ll need to collect on it.



FST Performance RT Plus and RT-X Carburetors: Street Carburetion in Two Great Flavors

For all the hoopla about electronic fuel injection, carburetors are still a popular way to feed air and fuel to an engine. They’re reliable, affordable, make good power, and can be tuned with a screwdriver and a little common sense.

FST Performance RT Plus and RT-X Carburetors are a great example of modern carburetion. Both feature two-circuit metering blocks and a four-corner idle system for easy fine-tuning and better fuel distribution. They also have downleg-style venturi boosters that improve low-end and midrange performance and driveability—exactly what street engines need.


A FUELAB H/E Brushless Twin-Screw Fuel Pump Means Efficient, Reliable Fuel Delivery

An interruption in fuel delivery to your carburetor or EFI system can ruin your whole day. Installing a FUELAB H/E Series Brushless Twin-Screw Fuel Pump will go a long way to solving that problem. The pumps are incredibly efficient thanks to a lightweight, low-current draw DC brushless motor and a twin-screw rotor pump that can maintain fuel flow at pressures up to 125 PSI with improved resistance to cavitation (vapor lock).

The H/E Series fuel pumps have a ‘wet’ motor design with no dynamic shaft seals that can wear out, billet aluminum and stainless steel construction with fluorosilicone seals, and are compatible with gasoline, diesel, ethanol-blend fuels, and methanol.

The FUELAB Brushless Twin-Screw Fuel Pumps are available in three flow ratings:
• 250 LPH at 45 PSI, supports up to 625 horsepower
• 350 LPH at 45 PSI, supports up to 850 horsepower
• 500 LPH at 45 PSI, supports 1,250+ horsepower

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