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More Information, Cool Graphics, and Easy Hookup with New Vintage USA's GENII Gauge Kits

It’s not every day that a gauge maker completely revamps its products. New Vintage USA has updated many of their popular gauge kits to the new GENII platform that gives you more information, easy hookup, and improved graphics without using separate driver boxes, adapters, or modules. Let’s look at some features, shall we?

Direct Drive System
New Vintage USA’s Direct Drive system makes creating a wiring harness a lot easier. Kits with an electronic speedometer and tachometer have built-in drivers for all of the gauges in a kit. Wiring is literally as simple as 1-2-3:
Step 1: Connect power, ground, lights and all senders to the speedometer and tach
Step 2: Plug the color-code AMP connectors into the speedometer and tach
Step 3: Plug the harnesses from the other gauges into the appropriate ports on the driver boards located on the back of the speedometer and tach

This New Vintage USA Direct Drive video shows how easy it is to wire gauges with the Direct Drive system.


Griffin Exact Fit Radiator Combos are Always the Right Fit

With 350 applications for vehicles ranging from Ford Model Ts to late model Camaros and Ferraris, chances are good Summit Racing has an Exact Fit Radiator Combo for your car or truck. Drop-in replacements for the factory radiator, Exact Fit radiators have OEM-style stamped tanks, mounting provisions for factory equipment, and all required mounting tabs and brackets for a seamless installation.

Griffin radiators are fully welded from AA3003 aluminum and feature a MegaCool two-row core with 1.25 inch wide tubes that provide 25% more cooling capacity than radiators with two rows of one inch tubes. All components are vacuum-brazed together at approximately 1,100 degrees F. The process uses magnesium to give the aluminum additional strength, just like aluminum alloys used for aircraft frames and structural components of vehicle chassis.

The Exact Fit Kits also include a matched single or dual electric fan; an aluminum shroud; a temperature sensor; wiring harness; and a radiator cap. Griffin even went to the trouble of mounting the fan and shroud to the radiator—all you have to do is bolt it in, connect some hose and wires, and you’re ready to beat the heat. Radiators for automatic transmission applications have a built-in transmission fluid cooler.



Scorpion Endurance Series Shaft-Mount Roller Rockers: Engineered for Better Performance

Shaft-mounted roller rocker arms are more stable than stud-mount rockers, especially at high RPMs. That’s because shaft-mount rockers don’t deflect and move around, throwing off valvetrain timing and costing you power and component life like stud-mount rockers can.


Keep Your Interior Comfortable and Quiet with Flatline Barriers Vehicle Insulation Kits

There are a lot of heat and sound insulation products on the market, and they all do a good job at keeping your classic GM vehicle’s interior comfortable and quiet. So what makes Flatline Barriers thermal acoustic insulation different? Glad you asked:

• Flatline Barriers insulation comes pre-cut and adhesive-backed for easy installation and a perfect fit—no need to measure and cut like you do with universal insulation
• Flatline Barriers insulation is much lighter than other insulation products, so it doesn’t add performance-robbing weight and bulk

And yes, Flatline Barriers provides excellent thermal and sound insulation so you won’t roast or go deaf when driving. You can get a complete kit with everything needed to insulate the floors, doors, and roof; kits for the floor, doors, or roof only; and kits for the trunk, doors and inner quarter panels, and truck cabs.

Available Applications
• 1947-87 Chevy/GMC pickup and Suburban
• 1955-57 Chevy
• 1967-81 Camaro and Firebird
• 1962-74 Chevy II and Nova
• 1964-72 GM A-body
• 1970-72 Monte Carlo
• 1964-72 Pontiac Grand Prix



True-Dual Exhaust the Easy Way with a Summit Racing Lightweight Transmission Crossmember

To paraphrase one of our favorite movie characters, “Hey man, does your car have dual exhaust?” 

“Uh, no.” 

“It’d be a lot cooler if it did.” 

It’s a fact: cars with dual exhaust are at least one million more times cooler than cars without them. While it’s bad enough that not all cars came from the factory with dual exhaust, the real crime is that on some vehicles there’s just no room to run that all-important second pipe. That is especially true for many GM passenger cars.


Get Accurate Readings without the Fuss with a Summit Racing GPS Speedometer Sending Unit

Thanks to the advancement of electronic speedometers, builders can easily install them in a project car while kissing goodbye the job of routing a speedometer cable from the transmission or rear-end to the dashboard. 

The credit goes to GPS sending units like this Summit Racing GPS Speedometer Sending Unit. These little micro-processor controlled beauties don’t require any additional sensors at the transmission or rear-end to work. Instead, they use a GPS receiver to link up with a satellite that communicates with your speedometer how fast your car is traveling. Speeds are related in real-time and are just as accurate as any mechanical cable-based system. Possibly best of all, the GPS-based speed readings eliminate the age-old issue of speedometer inaccuracies due to changes in tire height and/or gear ratios.


Get Maximum Torque and Fuel Efficiency with Summit Racing Diesel Fuel Injectors

Stepping on your truck’s loud pedal and getting pinned to the seat during acceleration is an amazing feeling, especially when your truck is packing a diesel under the hood. But if the fuel injectors are no longer functioning correctly, then you may find your truck down on power. A set of bad injectors will also adversely affect your truck’s ability to tow and haul heavy loads and reduce its fuel efficiency.


See What's Coming Up Behind You with Billet Rides Side- and Rearview Mirrors

Sideview and rearview mirrors have a simple, but important job—letting you know who or what if coming up behind or beside your car. But simple doesn’t mean boring when you install Billet Rides mirrors. The housings are CNC-machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and assembled with Torx fasteners, and are fitted with convex glass to give you a wider field of view than other aftermarket mirrors.


Use the Power of Leverage with a Proform Main Cap Removal Tool for GM LS

GM designed the LS series engines with very tight parts tolerances. That’s good for power durability, but not so great when taking an LS apart. Take the main bearing caps as an example. They are very difficult to remove without damaging them, and the job can be time-consuming.

But you can put the power of leverage to work and eliminate those issues with a Proform Main Cap Removal Tool. Just remove the main cap bolts, hook the tool beneath the cap, and push down on the handles to ease the cap out. Made from 6061 aluminum, the Main Cap Removal Tool has steel Allen-head bolt pivots that hold up to continued use, plus long, easy-grip handles with machine grooved rings for a more secure hold and greater leverage.

The Proform Main Cap Removal Tool works on all Gen III and Gen IV LS engines.



Enjoy High Life Living with a Tepui Rooftop Tent from Summit Racing

You won’t have to search for high ground and you’ll always have the penthouse suite with Tepui Rooftop Tents. Made for cars, crossovers, SUVs, and vans, the tents mount easily to the roof of your ride using the proper roof rack—and it’s easy to find the right rack for your vehicle using Tepui’s handy Thule Rack and Rooftop Tent Fit Guide.

Rated for all-season use, these outdoor living spaces feature lots of ventilation, a built-in mattress, and storage space for your gear. The water-repellant tents will keep you dry on low terrain, reduce tracked-in dirt, minimize unfriendly encounters with bugs and animals, and give you the perfect spot to relax and take in the view. Tepui Rooftop Tents collapse down in a snap so you can get back on the road fast, and they’re easy to remove in the offseason.

Choose from pop-up or folding styles that accommodate two, three, or four campers. All tents come with an included 8 ½ foot telescoping ladder, removable rain guard with tension rods, stakes, seamless waterproof PVC storage cover, and mounting hardware.

Ayer Tents
● Sleeps two
● Fits smaller vehicles like cars and mid-size SUVs
● 400 pound weight limit
● Four no-seam mesh windows and two skylights with water-resistant zippers
● Aluminum polycotton base with fiberglass insulation and 5/8 inch diameter
   aluminum tube A-frame
● 2 1/2” thick built-in memory foam mattress with removable, washable cover
● Some models include a mildew and UV-resistant removable outer canopy
● Available in Blue or Haze Gray
● Measures: 84" x 48" x 39" open, 42" x 48" x 11" closed

Kukenam Tents
● Sleeps three
● 600 pound weight limit
● Four no-seam mesh windows and two skylights with water-resistant zippers
● 5/8” aluminum frame with fiberglass base, plus aluminum top and bottom
   sheets for strength and weather resistance
● 2 1/2” thick built-in memory foam mattress with removable, washable cover
● Some models include a mildew and UV-resistant removable awning
● Available in Olive Green, Blue, and Haze Gray
● Measures: 96" x 56" x 52" open, 48" x 56" x 12" closed

Autana Tents
● Sleeps three or four, dependent on model
● 600 or 650 pound weight limit dependent on model
● Four no-seam mesh windows and two skylights with water-resistant zippers
● 3/4" diameter aluminum frame wrapped in protective sheathing
● 2 1/2” thick built-in memory foam mattress with removable, washable cover
● Most models include an annex
● Available in Olive Green, Blue, Haze Gray, and Tan
● Measures: 122" x 72" x 52" open, 48" x 72" x 12" closed
                   122" x 56" x 12" open, 48" x 56" x 12" closed

Hybox Tents
● Sleeps two
● Tent and cargo box combined
● 23 cubic feet of cargo storage space—more than any other available rooftop
   cargo container!
● Stores gear during travel and converts into a pop-up rooftop tent when
● 400 pound weight limit
● ABS lid lined with reinforced quilted insulation for sound dampening and
   temperature control
● ABS base reinforced with felt-lined honeycomb polypropylene panels
● Features easy-open struts and a 3” thick built-in memory foam mattress with
   removable, washable cover
● Waterproof, UV- and mildew-resistant canopy with two mesh windows, and
   two doors that double as awnings when used with the included spring rods
● Also available in a wedge shape
● Available in Black/Green
● Measures 84" x 55" x 42.75" open, 84" x 55" x 12.75" closed

Low Pro Tents
● Sleeps two or three, dependent on model
● The lowest profile and weight of any folding rooftop tent
● Reduces drag and improves overall fuel economy
● Features a TEC composite base and A-frame design
● 400 or 600 pound weight limit, dependent on model
● Available in Light Gray
● Measures 95" x 56" x 49" open, 48" x 56" x 9.25" closed

Need gear to go with your tent? Summit Racing carries lots of Tepui Tent accessories including travel covers; insulators; flannel and regular fitted sheets; folding tent tables; annex extensions; weatherhoods; security nut systems; anti-condensation mats; and the Unilight LED light.


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