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Build a Race-Winning Oiling System with Champ Pans

When Champ Pans opened its doors in 1982, it sold 30 oil pans in six months. Apparently word got around how good its stuff was, and today Champ Pans is busy making pans, valve covers, and other components in its Wisconsin facility for circle track, drag racing, and street performance.

Oil Pans
Champ Pans makes over 1,000 models of oil pans. It uses durable 16-gauge cold-rolled steel or .100 inch thick aluminum that won’t fatigue like thinner-gauge metal. The pans are test-fitted on engine blocks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they fit properly and are easy to install, and all steel pans get a clear zinc coating for corrosion resistance.

Summit Racing carries a nice selection of Champ Pans oil pans including wet sump pans for circle track, street and drag racing; and road racing; dry sump pans for circle track, road racing, and off-road racing; and pans for industrial engines.


SCT Livewire Vision Puts Your Vehicle's Vitals in the Palm of Your Hand

If we had a nickel for every time we heard stories about the good old days. One of the most popular myths is about how anyone with a flat blade screwdriver and a half hours’ worth of time could add 50+ horsepower to their car. Ha, good one. 

The truth is, there’s a lot more to it than that. Besides the basics like having the time and desire to make your car better, you must also possess the knowledge to carry out your modifications and the proper tools to perform them. And that’s exactly what the SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor is—the proper tool help unlock more power in today’s vehicles.


TEN Factory Axle Shaft Kits: Better Than OEM Performance at a Great Price

It doesn’t matter if you have a truck, off-roader, street hero, or racecar—if you need direct replacement axle shafts that are better than OEM but don’t cost a mint, TEN Factory probably has an Axle Shaft Kit for you. TEN Factory engineers each axle and kit for a specific vehicle to insure a “bolt-in” performance upgrade. The kits feature high manganese 1541H or 4140 chromoly steel shafts that are heat-treated and CNC-machined. Axle bearings, seals, and press-in wheel studs are included. The axle shafts are also available separately.

Available Applications by Axle Type
• Dana 30 35, 44, and 60
• Dana 30 and 44 for Jeep Wrangler JK
• GM 7.5, 8.2, 8.5, 8.875 passenger car, 8.875 truck
• Ford 7.5, 8.8, 9, and 9.75
• Chrysler 8.25


Grip the Road and Hang on with a Set of Toyo Proxes High Performance Tires

You won’t lack for grip when you shoe your sports car or sport sedan with a set of Toyo Proxes tires. Most Proxes tires are summer-rated for great traction and precise handling in dry and wet conditions. Don’t let the rating fool you—you can run these tires in the spring and fall as well, and even year-round if your area doesn’t get snow or freezing winter weather. The colder the weather, the harder the high-traction tread compound gets, which is why Toyo doesn’t recommend summer-rated Proxes tires for use in northern climes where temps get below freezing.


JET Performance Xcelerator and Throttle Bodies: Better Throttle Response for More Vehicles

Throttle response feel laggy? JET Performance makes two easy fixes for that. It says so right in the product names. Summit Racing has added new applications so even more people can enjoy their fun pedals again.

Xcelerator Throttle Enhancer
Electronically controlled throttles are often not as responsive as you’d like. The JET Performance Xcelerator Throttle Enhancer lets you adjust the throttle to provide the response that suits your driving style—no more annoying lag. The Xcelerator also has a valet setting that restricts throttle response, and a security setting that removes the throttle signal altogether. It comes with OEM-style connectors and five feet of wire so you can mount the controller where you wish. 

In addition to GM, Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/RAM, Toyota, and BMW vehicles, the Xcelerator is now available for these vehicles:

• 2011-19 Infiniti passenger cars and SUVs
• 2007-19 Nissan passenger cars and CUVs
• 2005-19 Audi passenger cars and CUVs
• 2005-18 Porsche
• 2006-19 VW passenger car and SUVs


Eddie Motorsports Steering Wheels: High Style That's Affordable

Good looks don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Cut from a solid chunk of billet aluminum and available with a whole slew of spoke and color wrap options, Eddie Motorsports Steering Wheels make updating your car, boat, or ATV so affordable you may want to do every vehicle you own.

The three-spoke steering wheels come in your choice of six styles: Classic, GE, Launch, Linear, Racer, and SS. Each is available with a genuine wood grip or a durable vinyl grip in one of six colors. You can further customize by choosing a spoke finish—chrome or polished; clear anodized or powdercoat; black anodized or powdercoat; matte black powdercoat; or black highlights.

Eddie Motorsports Steering Wheels are available in 13.375, 13.5, 13.75, and 15 inch diameters with a 2 or 2 1/4 inch dish. Many steering wheels come with horn buttons and installation kits.

Summit Racing also carries Eddie Motorsports horn cap kits and adapters for 1967-94 GM models.



Keep Those Headers and Collectors Sealed with Taylor Cable Exhaust Gaskets

Tired of the ting-ting-ting sound of an exhaust leak? Try a set of Taylor Cable header and collector gaskets. They seal where ordinary gaskets fail. The header gaskets are available for most popular V8 engines; the collector gaskets are available in various diameters.

SEAL-4-GOOD Gaskets
These gaskets are made from multi-layered "dead soft" aluminum, so they conform to any small imperfections in the flanges for a virtual blowout and burnout-proof seal. Better still, the SEAL-4-GOOD gaskets are reusable, saving you the hassle and expense of buying new gaskets when you remove the headers or disassemble your exhaust system.


Say Goodbye to Leaks and Cracks with a Dorman OEM Replacement Intake Manifold

Most modern engines use plastic/polymer intake manifolds to save weight and production costs. As they age, these manifolds can start cracking and splitting. That can cause problems ranging from air leaks and loose sensor fittings to major coolant loss and overheating.

Dorman makes replacement manifolds for popular GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, and Volkswagen engines that are re-engineered to fix many of these problems—and cost less than the factory parts.

Two of the more troublesome intake designs are the GM LS2 and the Ford Triton V8, and are excellent examples of what lengths Dorman goes to in order to make its manifolds better.


Lift Your Silverado or Sierra 4 Inches with a Belltech Lift Kit

Lift a pickup four inches and you could experience some wonky steering and alignment issues. Lift your late model Silverado or Sierra 4x4 with a Belltech Lift Kit and you won’t have those side effects. Belltech engineered the kit to retain the factory alignment specifications using the factory adjustment cams. The replacement tubular upper control arms correct poor ball joint working angles and maintain factory droop travel without concern of over extension. And the unlike other lift kits, the Belltech kit maintains proper front-end steering geometry without increasing the turning radius.

The Belltech Lift Kit installs with no cutting or welding required. It comes with height-adjustable, gas-charged Street Performance front struts and Twin Tube rear shocks, heavy-duty 1/4 inch thick brackets, rear lift blocks, and black zinc-coated hardware. It fits 2019-20 Silverado and Sierra 1500 trucks.



Get FREE NotcHead Clamps When You Buy Summit Racing Stainless Steel AN Hose!

You’re going to need a way to secure that new AN Hose you plan to run. Fortunately, you can get FREE set of NotcHead hose and hard line mounting clamps when you buy a 20-foot section of Summit Racing Stainless Steel AN Hose. That’s a $22.46 value!

Summit Racing stainless steel hose has a polyethylene rubber inner tube with a partial stainless steel reinforcement inner braid, plus a full stainless braid outer cover. It’s suitable for delivering gas and diesel fuel, coolant, oil, and transmission fluid, and available in -6 to -16 AN sizes.

The NotcHead clamps made from high-strength, copolymer plastic with center set screws. The hose or hard line simply "snap in" with the push of your finger. 

Don’t wait to take advantage of this great deal—it ends June 1, 2020!


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