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Fishbone Offroad Products for Jeep Now Available at Summit Racing

During the process of naming the company, someone at Fishbone Offroad noticed a fish stuck to the roof of the building. It became the unofficial company mascot and eventually, the inspiration for the company’s name. What we would give to have been in the room when that decision was made.

Don’t let the name fool you, though. Everyone at Fishbone is a diehard Jeep and off-road enthusiast just like you, so they know how to make bumpers, skidplates, rock sliders, and other products that offer superior protection, quality and durability.

Summit Racing offers a big selection of Fishbone Offroad products including these:


LimeWorks Steering Columns and Components Now Available at Summit Racing

LimeWorks is well known for making steering columns and steering wheels for traditional-style hot rods. But here’s something you probably didn’t know—company founder and British-born Steve Dennish named the company as a take on “limey,” a slang term for Englishmen that dates back to when sailing ships ruled the waves. Learn something new every day.

Summit Racing now carries LimeWorks steering columns and steering wheels that are perfect for your 1940s or ‘50s-era hot rod project:


Shift into Spring with Great Gearhead Gifts from Summit Racing

V8 Gas Engine Grill
Put more torque into your pulled pork with the high-horsepowered heat of the V8 Gas Engine Grill. The small block aluminum grill features dual temperature controls, electronic start, twin stainless steel burners, chrome finishes, and smoking zoomie-style headers for turbocharged barbeque fun.

The included printed polyester oxford cloth cover keeps your ‘V8’ safely under wraps, and we have what you need to go the extra mile with connecting rod skewers, spark plug corncob holders, Mr. Horsepower aprons, and more. CSA certified for safety and performance.


Hoonigan Apparel
Do you view the ETA on your GPS as a daily speed challenge? Does your pedal foot start pumping when you hear tires squeal? Chances are you’re a closet Hoon. Embrace it with new Hoonigan Industries apparel. From T-shirts to hats, we have you covered in 100% cotton.

Choose from these options:

The Hoonigan Censor Bar Flat Brim hat features the iconic Censor Bar logo front and center with the H icon on the side. The cotton material features a mid-crown shape, snap closure, and universal fit. Available in heather gray or black.

Wear the logo that debuted on Ken Block’s 2017 World Rallycross Ford Focus RS RX. Designed by U.K. artist Death Spray Custom, this T-shirt has an artistic rendering of the classic logo that will get you noticed. Available in men’s sizes M-3X.

The menacing 900-plus horsepower 1977 Ford F-150—known as the Hoonitruck—that gained notoriety during the Gymkhana Ten is now completely wearable. Show some Hoonitruck pride with the Gymkhana Ten Hoonitruck Square Up T-shirt. Available in men’s sizes M-3X.

Dial-in victory with the Hoonigan Bracket T-shirt. Your competition will enjoy the large print graphic design on the back—since that’s the only side they’ll see as they try to catch you. Available in men’s sizes M-3X.

The Death Trap Speed Shop specializes in cut springs, welded differentials, and open headers. You know, all the important stuff. Show your support with the Death Trap Speed Shop T-shirt. Available in men’s sizes M-3X.

Drifting tearing up your tires? Let people know your need for speed is real and it’s wrecking your wallet with the Kill All Tires T-shirt. Available in men’s sizes M-3X.

Never know what you’ll find under your hood—literally? Let the world know you’re just winging it with the Undependable Service T-shirt. Available in men’s sizes M-3X.

Keep on Truckin’ in the Gymkhana Ten Hoonitruck Keep on Truckin’ T-shirt, because when you’re sitting driver’s side in a 900-plus horsepower Ford F-150—who in their right mind would try to stop you? Available in men’s sizes M-3X.


WeatherPro Floor Mats
Don’t let people walk all over you. Let them walk all over your WeatherPro Floor Mats—they’re so much easier to clean.

WeatherPro floor mats are made from high-quality, thick rubber that’s machine molded to protect your carpets from dirt, mud, snow, and oily free-range french fries. A one size fits all approach lets you trim your mat for a customized, contoured look that will work in almost any car or truck.

Durable rubber grips keep floor mats firmly in place so they won’t ride up under your brakes, and they clean up nice with just a little soap and water. Available with vehicle manufacturer logos for Chevy, GMC, Ram and Jeep, or with an iron cross design. Sold as pairs for your front seat area or sets of 4.



Restore Your Fuel System to Like-New with a US Motor Works Professional Series Fuel Pump or Module

If your vehicle’s fuel pump has given up the ghost, put things right with a brand-new US Motor Works Professional Series fuel pump or module. Unlike some other replacement units on the market, Professional Series pumps are manufactured with all-new components including pump bodies, sending units (where applicable), wiring and connectors, and gaskets. All pumps are pressure- and flow-tested to insure they meet or exceed OE specifications. You don’t want to install one of these twice, after all.

Summit Racing carries these US Motor Works Professional Series pumps and modules for a wide range of domestic and import vehicles.

Fuel Pump Modules
These in-tank fuel pump and sending unit modules feature OEM-style fuel pumps rather than less expensive turbine units (where applicable). The fuel level sensors are made from palladium silver to resist corrosion from modern ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels. The sensors also feature bifurcated (dual point) contacts for long life and accurate fuel readings. Other features include:
• Stainless steel metal components
• High-impact and heat-resistant thermoplastic components for strength and durability
• Thicker connector pins for increased reliability
• Teflon-insulated wires for superior chemical resistance
• Nitrile or Viton rubber components for long life and fuel resistance
• Foam fuel float for increased reliability over molded types
• Internal and external dual strainers for superior filtration

In-Tank Fuel Pump Kits
Professional Series fuel pump kits include all the components required to rebuild your existing fuel pump module or hanger assembly:
• Electric fuel pump
• Strainers
• Wiring harness
• Line and clamps for fuel injected applications

Universal Inline Electric Fuel Pump Kits
Plumbing a custom fuel system? Check out Summit Racing’s selection of US Motor Works Professional Series inline pumps. They are available in low- and high-pressure versions and are designed to handle a wide range of modern fuels. The pumps also feature multiple mounting options for easy installation.

Heavy-Duty Fuel Lift Pumps and Solenoids for Dodge Cummins
These Professional Series Heavy-Duty Fuel Lift Pumps are manufactured using the highest quality materials to insure maximum performance. Each unit meets or exceeds OEM specifications.



Keep Fluid Temperatures Under Control with a Derale Hi-Flow Racing Remote Cooler

Heat is your drivetrain’s biggest enemy. Get your engine oil or transmission fluid temperatures into the red during a race and your proverbial goose is cooked.

Here are some sobering statistics for what happens when automatic transmission fluid temperature gets too high:

• At 240 degrees F, important fluid additives begin to break down, forming varnish inside the transmission
• At 260 degrees F, internal transmission seals begin to harden and produce internal and external fluid leaks
• At 295 degrees F, transmission clutch plates begin to slip as the fluid continues to break down
• At 315 degrees F, seals and clutches burn out and carbon forms in the fluid, essentially rendering the transmission to junk


SPC Performance Adjustable Front Control Arms for GM Now Available at Summit Racing

Classic GM muscle- and ponycars are cool. But when your average modern car—or even a crossover—can outhandle your pride and joy, it’s discouraging. But instead of living with subpar handling, get busy improving it with SPC Performance adjustable front control arms.

The upper control arms have turnbuckles that eliminate the need for alignment shims, allowing you to make virtually infinite caster adjustments from zero to six degrees for better handling and steering control. The control arms have greaseable and rebuildable ball joints with studs that are 1/2 inch taller than stock to improve the camber curve on a lowered car. Summit Racing has stock length and 1/4 inch taller studs available to help you tune camber for your specific suspension geometry. SPC even ‘raked’ the control arms for better clearance of large diameter wheels and tires.


Griffin Exact Fit Radiator and Fan Combos Now Available at Summit Racing

We’re confident Summit Racing has a Griffin Exact Fit Radiator and Fan Combo for your vehicle. We have combos for over 350 applications for vehicles ranging from Ford Model Ts to late model Camaros. Griffin even makes Exact Fit combos for the Ferrari 360—and if they make one for that, chances are good they make one for your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, or other popular car or truck.

The Exact Fit radiators are drop-in replacements for the factory radiator. They have OEM style stamped tanks, mounting provisions for all factory equipment, and all the required mounting tabs and brackets for a seamless installation with no cutting, bending, or special tools needed.

But that’s where the resemblance to factory ends. The Exact Fit radiators are fully welded from AA3003 aluminum and feature a MegaCool two-row core with 1.25 inch wide tubes that provide 25% more cooling capacity than radiators with two rows of one inch tubes. Radiators for automatic transmission applications have a built-in transmission fluid cooler.


AutoMeter Direct Fit Instrument Clusters Now Available at Summit Racing

A lot can go wrong during the slice and dice process of an instrument cluster install. Luckily, there’s a simple alternative from AutoMeter that won’t make you break the bank or your dashboard.

With Direct Fit Instrument Clusters there are no modifications needed—they fit directly over existing factory mounts and use your original hardware. The gauge wiring harness connects directly to the existing instrument board for an easy plug-and-play installation that’s pretty much goof-proof.

Each Direct Fit Instrument Cluster features gauges for oil pressure, water temperature, fuel, voltage, and speed as well as mounting hardware. Most kits also include a tachometer.

The clusters are available for many popular 1965-1983 Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Plymouth, and Pontiac vehicles. Chooose the AutoMeter gauge style you like best:
•      American Muscle
•      Cobalt
•      Designer Black
•      Sport Comp
•      Ultra-Lite Series

Summit Racing also carries these other AutoMeter Instrument Clusters:
•      Factory-Match Cluster for 1987-95 Jeep YJ and TJ Wrangler
•      Antique Beige and Arctic White Clusters for 1940-66 Chevy and Ford trucks 
•      Antique Beige and Arctic White Clusters for 1940-66 Chevy and Ford trucks



ZyCoat ZyCor Color Coat Paints and Primer Now Available at Summit Racing

Step aside apple pie. ZyCoat’s ZyCor Color Coat paints and primer are American-made thermal protection for headers, manifolds, turbos, and exhausts with all the convenience, cost savings and brush-your-shoulders-off satisfaction of a do-it-yourself application.

Perfect for high temperature engine environments, ZyCor Primer works as a protective coating that prevents rust and corrosion. With a temperature rating of 1,200 degrees F and durability testing that includes 5,000 hours of continuous salt spray, this primer outperforms tapes, wraps, and other sprays. It won’t trap moisture like a wrap or tape, and it won’t void your header warranty.

Use ZyCor Primer as a standalone protectant or apply it as a basecoat for ZyCor Color Coat paint. Simply surface blast your application site, spray on ZyCor Primer and give it time to dry. For oven curing, allow 30 minutes at 350 degrees F or let it air dry for eight hours. Its 25-30 micron thickness won’t gunk up your look and the first coat is also the last. Just make sure you color coat your primer before you bake it and prime before you paint.

ZyCor Color Coat paints come in 13, 16, or 32 oz. aerosol cans. Available in black, Porsche Gray, or Gasser White matte finishes. ZyCoat ZyCor Primer is available in a 13 oz. can and a Steel Gray matte finish.
Great for automotive, marine, powersports, off-road, and heavy truck applications.

For application tips, check out this handy application tutorial from ZyCoat:



Summit Racing Heat Shields Now Available

Keep the heat off your feet, out of your interior, and away from sensitive engine components with Summit Racing Heat Shields. The shields are just .240 inches thick, but can protect against heat up to 1,000 degrees F. The shields are self-adhesive for easy installation, and come in natural aluminum or with a high-temperature black coating.

Floor Heat Shields
These are ideal for floors, firewalls, and transmission tunnels. Your choice of 48 x 48 inch or 10 x 10 inch squares.

Starter Heat Shields
These shields are shaped in an ‘L’ pattern to wrap around the starter body and cover the starter solenoid (if the starter is so equipped).

Valve Cover Heat Shields for GM LS Engines
These shields cover the top of the valve cover to keep engine heat away from cover-mounted coil packs. They are punched for the coil pack mounting bracket bolts.


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