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Extract More Power from your EFI Hot Rod with VP Racing Products

One of the biggest dilemmas facing car owners is the quality of pump fuel available at their local gas station. This is especially true for performance-based EFI engines. Most of us have been conditioned to purchase premium fuel, such as 91 or 93 octane, either because that’s what the owner’s manual calls for or due to the belief that higher octane fuel means more horsepower.


Drop Maximum Cooling in Your Tri-Five Chevy with a Cold Case Radiator Support Module

Building a serious engine for your 1955-57 Chevy means you better install a serious cooling system—and you might as well get a good-looking one while you’re at it.

These Radiator Support Modules from Cold Case Radiator give you both. The modules are built around a TIG-welded aluminum radiator with two rows of 1.25 inch tubing for increased coolant volume. Cold Case says the radiators are made with 30% thicker materials than ‘no-name’ aluminum radiators, so you won’t have to worry about one falling apart on you.


AFE Power Vulcan Exhaust Systems: An Easy Upgrade for Your GM Pickup

An AFE Power Vulcan Series cat-back exhaust system is one of the easiest—and most satisfying—upgrades you can make to your 2019 or 2020 Chevy/GMC half-ton pickup. The systems install using the factory mounting locations, have bayonet tip hangers for an OE-style fit, and use high-quality band clamps to assemble. The hardest part of the install might be taking the Vulcan system out of the box.

The time spent installing the system will be time well spent, too. The Vulcan systems feature mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel tubing and a high-flow stainless muffler for improved exhaust flow, which will give your truck some extra punch and a nice rumbly sound. A certified craftsman MIG-welds each system by hand to insure they won’t rattle apart at the first sign of a pothole.


Keep Calm and Carry On with Humorous Signs and Hot New Gearhead Attire from Summit Racing

Celebrate the car life with tons of fun new gearhead stuff from Summit Racing. We have witty signs, awesome shirts, even seatbelt-style belts that are sure to get you noticed.

Pro LS T-Shirts
The Pro LS T-Shirt is so cool you can practically hear the V8 engine roaring to life from the highly detailed graphic image on the back. Made from 100 percent cotton, T-Shirts feature the Summit Racing logo on the front and back, and are comfortable enough to wear anywhere. Available in men’s sizes M-3XL.

Seatbelt Belts
Made with durable nylon webbing and an authentic push-button release, these seatbelt-style belts are so realistic you might be tempted to tuck them into your backseat and buckle yourself in when you drive. Show off your pride with belts that showcase Chevy, Mopar, GM, Ford/Ford truck, Mustang, Ram, STP, and Super Bee emblems. Belts adjust from 24 inches to 38 inches and feature 1 1/2 inch bandwidths.


This Used to Work but I Fixed It Steel Sign
If you have friends who make you want to hide the toolbox, this sign is for you. The 24-gauge steel sign features a weathered look, rolled edges, and convenient holes for hanging. Slap it up as a warning in the shop or garage, and bring on the jokes and laughter. Measures 11 1/2 inches x 17 1/2 inches.

Attention! Focus. Aim. Flush. Thank You, the Management Sign
Sometimes the simplest things still need a gentle reminder—and some need an in-your-face-one tacked to the wall. Hand crafted from 26-gauge aluminum with a distressed vintage look, management won’t need to warn you twice about bad behavior with this humorous 10 1/2 inch x 14 inch reminder posted prominently on your restroom wall.

I Could Have Left it Stock…But Why? Sign
Could have…but then it wouldn’t be a hot rod! This 24-gauge steel sign comes drilled, riveted, and ready to hang for a quick garage modification that’s sure to be easier than your next custom rebuild. Measures 17 inches x 17 inches.


Pull Your Weight and Any Vehicle with Voodoo Off-Road Tow Ropes Now at Summit Racing

Make your trail buddies question whether you dabble in the dark arts when they witness the unique towing power of Voodoo Off-Road Tow Ropes. Voodoo ropes are coated in durable polyurethane, repel UV rays and water, and are abrasion-resistant. They come with a limited two-year warranty.

Voodoo Off-Road Soft Shackles
Made from strong and lightweight nylon, Voodoo Off-Road Soft Shackles are easy to toss in a tow strap bag and take on the trail. They attach easily and securely to practically any recovery point on your tow line and provide just as much strength, or more, than steel carabineers. The soft material won’t damage or ding your ride, and you can choose from ropes rated at 25,000 or 45,000 pounds. Available in green or black.  

Voodoo Off-Road Plasma Synthetic Winch Lines
Jumping out of the way of the snapback of a broken winch line isn’t on anyone’s to-do list—which is why Voodoo Off-Road Plasma Synthetic Winch Lines will quickly become your go-to rope. They’re 86 percent lighter than steel, rig up quickly, and have a slew of safety benefits. The synthetic line doesn’t store energy like steel so there’s no whiplash or recoil, and the lines won’t tear up your skin like the burrs on a wire rope. Plasma Winch Lines won’t rust, corrode, or develop kinks that can weaken your line and cause breakage, and they pull evenly and reliably from the spool for hassle-free setup. They’re available in 8 foot and 50 foot cable lengths with load capacities of 9,700 pounds and 20,800 pounds, respectively. Choose from green or black.

Kinetic Recovery Ropes
Unlike other ropes that go rigid and break under the stress of heavy loads, Kinetic Recovery Ropes bend and flex for improved hauling capabilities. As the flexible 12-strand, single-braid nylon line stretches, kinetic energy builds, providing increased force that gives you up to 16 MPH of extra pulling power as you tow. You get a running start that gets you moving without a jarring impact or tire spin. The flexibility of the rope also means there’s less stress on the rope and a decreased chance for line breakage—because there are few things worse than watching your truck backslide into a mud pit mid-tow. Kinetic Recovery Ropes are available in 10, 16, 20, and 30 foot cable lengths with 11,700, 24,500, and 38,000 pound load capacity ratings.  

Voodoo Off-Road Tow Ropes are compatible with Jeep, SUV, ATV, and UTV applications.



FST Performance Billet X-treme Carburetors: Modern Air and Fuel Mixers for Traditionalists

Some people like their burgers medium-rare, some like them well-done. Neither one is wrong. Same goes with air and fuel delivery. Electronic fuel injection is just the ticket for hot rodders that like tuning with a computer, while carbs are for guys that like tuning with a screwdriver.

For you traditional types, Summit Racing has FST Performance Billet X-treme Series Carburetors. Designed for serious street and racing use, the Billet X-tremes have plenty of modern features for easy tuning and excellent performance:


Hyperfuel's Go EFI Fuel Command Center 2.0 Makes EFI Fuel Delivery a Snap

Converting from a carburetor to EFI? The clever folks at Hyperfuel have figured out an easy way to feed your new system without expensive fuel tank replacement or plumbing. The Go EFI Fuel Command Center 2.0 is a self-contained external system with a high volume, 340 LPH electric fuel pump inside a billet aluminum tank. The system receives a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system, so the pump is always submerged in fuel. The Fuel Command Center 2.0 also has a built-in fuel pressure regulator that eliminates the need for an external regulator.


Get Insight into the Health of Your Engine with a SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis Kit

OK, pop quiz hot shots—what’s the quickest way to learn the real condition of the internal components in your engine, transmission, or axles? If your answer includes disassembling parts, you’re wrong. If you said checking the oil, you’re getting warmer. However, if you answered sending a UOA (used oil analysis) to SPEEDiagnostix for a thorough review in a laboratory then—ding-ding-ding—you’re the smartest so-and-so of the day.


Add Class to Your Chevy, Ford, Mopar, or Jeep with AutoMeter Officially Licensed Gauges

You and zillions of other motorheads know that AutoMeter gauges, speedometers, and tachs are accurate and dependable. Chevy, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, and Jeep know it too—that’s why AutoMeter is the only company to get their seals of approval to make Officially Licensed Gauges.

Summit Racing carries AutoMeter Officially Licensed Gauges that will add some class to your instrument panel while keeping an eye on your engine’s doings.


Get Up to $75 Summit Bucks When You Buy an Eaton Detroit Trutrac Differential!

When you’re tired of losing traction on the street or at the track, get yourself an Eaton Detroit Trutrac Differential. And now is a great time to do it—you can get up to $75 in Summit Bucks when you buy a Trutrac differential!

The Trutrac is a helical gear, limited slip design that uses torque-biasing to improve traction. When one tire breaks traction, the amount of rotation (or spin) is transferred to the other tire that still has traction. Eaton says the Trutrac will consistently deliver approximately three times the torque of the slipping tire to the traction tire, giving you the grip you need.

Eaton Detroit Trutrac Differentials are for popular GM, Ford, Dana, Chrysler, AMC, and Toyota axles. But don’t wait to save—this offer is good only through April 30, 2020!


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