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Get Level and Roll Smooth with a Ford Performance Parts Fox-Tuned Suspension Leveling Kit

Level your late-model F-150 or Ranger with a Ford Performance Parts Fox-Tuned Suspension Leveling Kit. Ford engineers got together with the shock masters at Fox to design these kits for optimized ride and handling, and improves front approach and breakover angles off-road. The kits include:

• Fox 2.0 Performance Internal Floating Piston (IFP) front and rear monotube gas shocks with Ford Performance-specific valving
• Front coilovers with optimal spring rate
• Upper front shock mounts with composite bushings to isolate noise and vibration
• Locking preload rings allow easy front ride height and preload adjustments
• Shocks have nitrile rubber bushings for increased suspension articulation
• Easy bolt-on installation with no other modifications required
• Kits available for 2015-20 F-150 and 2019-20 Ranger



Be Ready for Summertime Heat with a Be Cool Cooling Module

Summer may be a couple of months away, but your cooling system is already shaking in its copper-brass or aluminum boots. You can be ready for the heat by installing a Be Cool Cooling Module right now.

All modules feature an aluminum radiator with two rows of one inch diameter tubes that Be Cool says can lower engine temperatures at least 20 degrees F. The radiators are 40 percent lighter than OEM copper-brass units, have a billet aluminum filler neck and brass petcock, and feature epoxy-free construction for better heat dissipation and easier repairs. Many radiators are available with a built-in automatic transmission cooler.


Firestone Ride-Rite Wireless Air Command System: Hands-Free Control of Your Air Springs

Air spring suspension is awesome. Using Firestone's Ride-Rite Wireless Air Command System to control your air springs is even awesomer. It allows you to adjust air spring pressure and monitor the system using your Android or Apple smartphone/tablet—no need to install wired controls or additional air line inside your vehicle. Features include:

• One-touch air pressure adjustments
• Built-in self-diagnostics
• Monitors components and voltage to spot potential wiring issues
• 120 PSI air compressor that can be mounted in any convenient spot on the vehicle
• Manual inflation option
• Automatic software updates
• Easy two-wire compressor hookup

The Firestone Ride-Rite Wireless Command System can be used with most air spring kits that have 1/4 inch air line.



Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T Tires: More Sizes for More Off-Road Fun

If you thought Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T Tires couldn’t get any better, we’re happy to tell you—you’re wrong. They are now available in 15 additional sizes that make it easy to outfit almost any truck, SUV, or 4 x 4 application.

These Baja Boss MTs feature a supersized four-pitch Sidebiter® sidewall pattern for increased off-road traction. Durable PowerPly XD™ 3-ply sidewall construction makes it easy to power through mud, dirt, and gravel with improved steering, extra stability, and heavy-duty puncture protection. Other features include:

• Asymmetric tread patterns that reduce noise, improve handling
   and on-center feel, and reduce side-slip
• PowerPly XD 3-ply sidewall with 50% more denier cord than the original       
   PowerPly design
• Deep and wide voids that increase off-road traction and forward bite
• Angled shoulder scallops with self-cleaning ability and superior traction
• Stone ejector ribs that prevent stones from wedging in the tread grooves,
   reducing stone retention and its potential for damage
• Self-cleaning, angled shoulder scallops with larger biting edges for better
   traction that clears mud and loose soil out of the tread
• Mud scoops that provide a concave surface for mud traction and help create   
   voids to prevent mud from clinging to the tread
• Silica-reinforced compound for reduced on-road tread wear, cut-and-chip
   resistance, improved wet handling, and better braking performance
• Deep-embossed and chamfered black sidewall lettering



Buy a Bestop EZ Rollup Tonneau Cover and Earn a $50 Rebate!

It’s hard to beat the convenience of Bestop EZ Rollup Tonneau Covers. Made from grain-textured, leather-look vinyl, they’re tough enough to handle fluctuating temperatures, install easily without drilling, and come with integrated bows in the fabric that makes it easy to roll them off and access your cargo fast. Hook-n-loop fasteners won’t bang up your fingers like snaps, you can still access your tailgate with the cover on, and silver anodized aluminum rails and top-quality fabric give you that show-ready OEM look.

Even better? When you purchase any Bestop EZ Rollup Tonneau Cover at Summit Racing, you’ll get a $50 rebate to spend on more cool stuff!

EZ Rollup Tonneau Covers are available for various Chevrolet, Dodge, Ram, Ford, GMC, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, and Jeep applications. Covers are available in Black and Black Diamond.




Get Brighter with Diode Dynamics LED Vehicle Lighting

Choosing Diode Dynamics for your LED lighting no only enhances your vehicle’s appearance, it also shows you’re a smart cookie. That’s because the company makes some of best lighting available, bar none. Diode Dynamics makes sure of that by designing and manufacturing its products in the United States, using real engineers and technology like a light tunnel to measure beam patterns and test equipment to make sure its products work in most any weather.

Summit Racing carries a big selection of Diode Dynamics LED lighting including:


D.A. Bus 1957 Ford B500 Bus Parts Combos Now Available at Summit Racing

Chris Pulley has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a form of Muscular Dystrophy. But that doesn’t stop him from water skiing, scuba diving, and driving the wheels off his handicap-modified 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT. With some help from his friends, Chris also built this 1957 Ford B500 bus as a rolling billboard for Beyond D.A. Bus, a nonprofit devoted to engaging people with any disability in activities they may have never imagined themselves doing.

You can learn more about the D.A. Bus in our News You Can Use section, and see a bunch of bus photos (and some of Chris scuba diving) at Beyonddabus.org.

We thought you’d like to see some of the stuff needed to build a project like this, so we created D.A. Bus 1957 Ford B500 Bus Parts Combos. Who knows—maybe you’ll be inspired to build one of your own.


Gain Up to 40% More Stopping Power with Hawk Truck/SUV/Jeep Performance Brake Upgrades

Driving the same truck as everyone else is boring. So we add lift kits, bigger tires, and burly bumpers to improve looks and performance, plus other equipment that makes towing and hauling our favorite toys less difficult. 

But before you know it, you’ve added several hundred pounds of weight to your truck. That extra weight severely overtaxes the OEM braking system, leading to excessively high temperatures, brake fade, decreased stopping power, and a whole host of other safety issues.


The Basics: Maintaining and Upgrading Your Brakes

Photo Credit: Halfords

All things that go eventually must stop, whether by choice or by brick wall. When it comes to slowing down your vehicle, by choice is the much better option. That means you need to keep an eye on your braking system and repair it as needed.

With the right products, tools, and some patience, you can do your own brake work. Summit Racing has everything you need—pads, rotors, calipers, drums, shoes, hardware—to do the job. You supply the patience.


Protect Your Car's Vitals with Premium Motul Oil and Lubricants

Motul has been making oil and lubricants for almost 170 years. It was the first to develop semi-synthetic motor oil for passenger cars, and its high performance engine oils, gear lube, brake fluid, and other products have helped win races in the 24 Hours of LeMans, MotoGP, the World Rally Championship, and other high profile racing series. That’s some serious cred.

You can get that same level of performance for your car, truck, off-roader, motorcycle, or whatever motorized contraption you have with Summit Racing’s selection of Motul oil and lubricants.

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