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Add Wall-to-Wall Comfort with a Summit Racing Custom-Fit Molded Carpet Kit

Your vehicle is a lot like your house. You want it to be as comfortable as possible inside and look attractive as well. Nothing does both jobs as well as new carpet--if your vehicle’s current rug is worn, stained, or looks like weasels paid a visit, replace it with a Summit Racing Custom-Fit Molded Carpet Kit.

We partnered with the premier manufacturer of automotive carpets to create kits in your choice of molded vinyl, cut pile, or nylon loop in popular factory colors. Each kit is cut and molded for your specific vehicle for easy installation without a lot of cutting or trimming.

We carry Summit Racing Custom-Fit Molded Carpet Kits for popular classic and later model cars and trucks including:

• 1955-57 Chevy passenger car including Nomad
• 1965-70 Chevy full size passenger car
• 1960-72 Chevy pickup
• 1962-79 Chevy II/Nova
• 1964-72 Chevelle
• 1970-88 Monte Carlo
• 1967-2002 Camaro and Firebird
• 1968-72 GM A-body
• 1964-70 and 1982-2004 Mustang
• 1971-73 Mopar E-body Challenger and Barracuda



Lift Your Vehicle Safely with Summit Racing's Hydraulic Lift Ramps

Remember those old drive-on car ramps? You know, the ones that took forever to position just right to get the car up in the air—and even when you did, there was always the worry that the ramps would slip at any second.

You won’t have those problems with Summit Racing’s Hydraulic Lift Ramps. Just place the front or rear wheels on the steel cradles, raise the vehicle to the desired ride height with the foot-operated hydraulic pump, then flip the safety latches. The ramps have a 5.5 to 15.5 inch lift range, and each can handle up to 1,500 pounds. That makes them perfect for the shop or the track.

Summit Racing’s Hydraulic Lift Ramps come with 48 inch long hydraulic hoses, and each ramp measures 35.5 inches long x 14.5 inches wide.



Go Wide With a Clinched Widebody Kit or Fender Flares

The widebody look is hip and happening—so much so that Dodge makes widebody versions of the Charger and Challenger and sells every one they can make.

You can go wide too with a Clinched Widebody Kit or a set of fender flares. They add extra clearance for really aggressive (read: big) wheels and tires, and a big dose of cool too.

Clinched makes its body components from 3mm thick ABS plastic—the same durable material used for OEM bumper covers—that add very little weight. Clinched uses CNC-machined aluminum molds to form its products. It’s not the cheapest way to make things, but it is the best way to insure high quality fit and appearance.


Cool Hand Customs 1960 Simca Wagon Parts Combos Now Available at Summit Racing

What does it take to mate a 1960 Simca Châtelaine two-door station wagon body with the chassis and drivetrain from a 2007 Cadillac STS? E.J. and Amy Fitzgerald at Cool Hand Customs know. They shortened the Caddy’s chassis and floorpan 20 inches, cut the Simca’s body in half and widened it five inches, and used their metalworking chops to create an autocross terror. Learn more about this Franco-American mashup in the News and Events section at SummitRacing.com.

While Cool Hand took advantage of the Cadillac’s factory-engineered 320 horsepower Northstar V8 and GM’s awesome Magnetic Ride Control suspension, they still needed a lot of pieces and parts to finish the project. Many of those parts are included in our Cool Hand Customs 1960 Simca Wagon Parts Combos.


Summit Racing Shows You How to Upgrade Your Late Model Ford F-150

We can’t remember a time when the Ford F-Series wasn’t the best-selling pickup in the USA. So when we decided to do a project truck the choice was pretty obvious.

We got our mitts on a 2019 F-150 Crew Cab 4x4 with a 5.0L Coyote and the STX appearance package. The mission: to demonstrate how easy it is to personalize a truck with bolt-on parts anyone with a decent tool box can install at home. What’s more, we made installation videos to guide you through the process.


Set the Trail on Fire with DragonFire Racing Side-by-Side Products

Backed by a racing heritage that started in Baja, DragonFire Racing’s side-by-side accessories allow riders to bring the heat to their favorite off-road playground. All of DragonFire’s products are designed and made by people who live the lifestyle, so they know just what enthusiasts want. Check out some of the products now available at Summit Racing: 

Pursuit Suicide Doors for Can-Am Commander and Maverick
DragonFire Pursuit Suicide doors for Commander and Maverick offer function and style, no matter if you’re blazing the trail or working the ranch. Features include: 

• Suicide opening doors
• Combined aluminum and steel construction with black powdercoat finish
• Rolled-edge door skins
• 2-stage slam-shut latches
• Delrin-sleeved striker pins
• Jeep-style hinges for easy installation and removal
• Mounting hardware and instructions

RockSolid RockSliders 
Rocks chew up plastic and spit it out on the trail. So why not give your Wildcat’s body some extra protection—along with a healthy dose of style—with RockSolid RockSlider nerf bars? Their strong yet lightweight durable steel design covers the entire side of the vehicle so it can slide over objects safely without damaging the body. RockSolid RockSliders install easily using the factory mounting points and come with instructions and mounting hardware. They're available for Arctic Cat Wildcat and Polaris General 1000.

RacePace Bash Bumpers
Protect the front and back of your side-by-side—and look great while doing it—with RacePace Bash Bumpers. Combining a hand-welded, sleek tubular design and lines that complement your side-by-side’s body style, RacePace Bash Bumpers are one of the most functional upgrades you can make. No cutting or welding required, the bumpers use the OEM mounting points for installation. RacePace Bash Bumpers are available for Polaris RZR and RS1, Can-Am Maverick, Yamaha YZX1000R, and Arctic Cat Wildcat. 

Are you feeling too much heat? Get cool with a DragonFire Racing SoftTop! The canvas tops attach to your stock roll cage with coated clamps that provide solid anchor points and prevent scratches. The clamps are then covered by Velcro® straps to maintain a clean look. SoftTops also help you stay a little cleaner if you play on muddy trails. You can get them for Polaris RZR XP1000 and RZR-4 900/XP1000, Honda Pioneer, and Can-Am Commander and Maverick. 



Seven Reasons Why PaceSetter Long Tube Stainless Headers are a Great Performance Upgrade

We have not one, not five, but seven good reasons why PaceSetter’s Long Tube Stainless Steel Headers are an excellent performance upgrade:

• Full-length design improves horsepower over an engine’s RPM range, especially in the mid- and high-RPM ranges
• Mandrel-bent 16 gauge, corrosion-resistant 409 stainless steel tubing for excellent flow and long life
• Tubing length and diameter are optimized for best performance and easier installation
• Primary tubes enter the collector in proper firing sequence for maximum scavenging
• CNC-machined 3/8 inch-thick flanges with welded O-ring port seals are matched to the cylinder head exhaust port profile for optimum flow and sealing
• Collector design provides a smooth transition to your exhaust system
• Some headers are available with PaceSetter’s ARMOR metallic-ceramic coating rated to 2,000 degrees F

If you need one more reason to get a set of PaceSetter long tubes, take a look at the price. You’re getting a whole lot of header for the money.

Summit Racing offers PaceSetter Long Tube Stainless Steel Headers for many late-model vehicles including these:

• 2005-19 Mustang V8 and V6
• 1999-2019 Chevy/GMC full size pickup and SUV
• 2010-19 Camaro V8
• 2005-19 Corvette
• 2006-19 Dodge Charger and Challenger with Hemi
• 2007-11 Jeep Wrangler JK



Master Your Boost Levels with an AEM Electronics Tru-BoostX Controller

AEM Electronics Tru-BoostX Boost Controller is about the most foolproof way of controlling boost levels. It combines the accuracy of an electronic controller with the ability to manually set boost levels. If you want more boost, press the button on the right of the gauge faceplate; if you want less boost, press the button on the left of the faceplate. It's simple, and it works.

But that’s not all the Tru-BoostX offers—take a look:

• Two programmable boost modes for different levels of performance up to 80 PSI
• Program a time-based scramble boost setting using a switched input
• Change wastegate open pressure to reduce boost spikes and improve turbo spool-up
• Display boost levels in PSI, BAR or kPa (PAS)
• Set overboost alarms and display peak boost—a ground output is included for triggering an optional LED warning light
• Built-in overboost protection with two timed shutdown levels—shuts off boost control solenoid until you manually reactivate it using the buttons on the faceplate
• Integrated error protection alerts you when the boost control solenoid is shorted or disconnected
• Datalog using AEMnet CAN bus—send 13 channels of data over a 2-wire connection for things like boost pressure, peak boost, boost target, overboost status, and more


Spool Up Your Ailing Turbocharged Engine with a Pure Energy OE Replacement Turbo

Once reserved for diesel trucks and performance cars, the OEM manufacturers are bolting turbos on everyday vehicles in an effort to improve fuel economy without reducing performance. And like any other part, turbos can go wrong or wear out.

But you can replace an ailing turbo yourself by using a Pure Energy Remanufactured Turbocharger. These direct replacement turbochargers are designed to make installation as painless as possible. Each turbo comes with:

• OEM replacement turbo with precision mounting to reduce installation time
• Gaskets and mounting hardware where applicable
• Prefilled priming syringe for lubrication to help streamline post-installation startup
• Instructions and application-specific technical and troubleshooting information


Save Time and Tires with SPC Performance FasTrax Camber Caster Gauges

Let’s say you just installed a new set of adjustable control arms to improve your car’s handling. Or maybe you want to dial-in more negative camber for a track day or autocross event. Maybe the struts or bushings on your daily driver were shot and needed to be replaced. Whatever the reason, any time suspension work is performed, your car will need the wheels realigned—and that means calling the local auto center to schedule a date on the alignment rack. 

Or rather, it used to. With an SPC Performance FasTrax Camber Caster Gauge you can perform wheel alignments at home or at the track. The portable, hands-free design allows you to fine tune alignment settings for optimal tracking and handling while minimizing alignment headaches. In fact, they’re perfect for properly setting wheel alignment after any of these jobs:

  • Adjusting to performance alignment settings at the track and back to OEM settings for everyday driving
  • Installing adjustable control arms
  • Replacing idler arms and tie-rod ends
  • Replacing struts
  • Installing adjustable bushings
  • Performing collision repair estimates and/or frame straightening
The FasTrax uses a bubble level gauge that reads camber from +/- 4 degrees and caster from -4 degrees to +12 degrees. Models are available to fit street cars with 13"-22" wheels, off-road vehicles with 13"-17" wheels and tires up to 44", and a heavy-duty version for commercial and fleet vehicles with 21"-26" wheels. 

This SPC Performance instructional video walks you through procedures of setting caster, camber, and toe using the gauge for street vehicles with 13"-17" wheels. 


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