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Stay Cool and Quiet with HushMat Sound Deadening and Thermal Insulation Products

Whoever said “there’s nothing like the good old days” never rode around in a muscle car in the summer. Nobody thinks that sitting in a puddle of sweat or sticking to vinyl seats is a good time. Nor does anyone think that the sounds of vibrating metal or annoying rattles is a treat for our ears. Just like engine performance and tire technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the past 50 years, so too has the knowledge of sound deadening and thermal insulation.


A Flaming River VDOG Steering Box Takes the Hassle Out of Building a Steering System

Building steering gear for cars with little underhood space can be an exercise in frustration and cuss words. You’ve got to work it around things like firewalls, headers, and frame rails, oftentimes forcing you to resort to weird steering angles with multiple U-joints and support bearings. It ends up looking like something Rube Goldberg conjured up.

The Flaming River VDOG™ steering box eliminates a lot of those hassles. The gear-driven box has 3/4-36 splined output shafts that sit 90 degrees to each other, providing maximum clearance in spaces where more traditional U-joint angles won’t work. What’s more, the output shaft to your steering box or rack and pinion rides in an articulating ball--you can set the shaft at any angle up to 35° to clear whatever’s in the way.

The Flaming River VDOG steering box can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and is set at a 1:1 ratio so it won’t affect your steering ratio. It’s available in aluminum with a natural finish or any of Flaming River’s powdercoat finishes. You can also get a VDOG in billet aluminum. A Flaming River machined aluminum pillow block mount is highly recommended for use with the VDOG box.



Protect Your Auburn Differential with Auburn Gear High Performance Gear Oil

Figuring out which gear oil is the best fit for your Auburn differential and locker can be a bit of a nail biter. You don’t want to unload your pockets on a product that doesn’t do what it says, or worse, causes damage to your axle assembly. Auburn Gear’s High Performance Gear Oil is specifically made for use with Auburn Gear Limited Slip Differentials and Select-A-Lock Lockers.

Auburn Gear touts its High Performance Gear Oil as the “Gold Standard” of the differential fluid market, and we can’t say that we disagree. It’s made from highly refined petroleum base stocks with top quality additive systems that attach to areas of high heat and friction to create a barrier of protection. The liquid coating minimizes wear, reduces drag, and results in maximum horsepower. High-adhesion polymers with low shear rate viscosity modifiers increase thermal stability for better high-shock protection.

Even cooler, when you purchase High Performance Gear Oil with an Auburn Gear Differential or Locker you can add an extra year to the limited warranty. Already purchased your Limited Slip Differential or Select-A-Lock Locker? Don’t sweat it. Just show your receipt and add the warranty extension on post-purchase.

Available in individual quart bottles or 12 bottle cases.




Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS Tires: Traction in Large, Extra-Large, and Humongous

If there isn’t a Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS tire that fits your rig, we want to see it. It’s available in large, extra-large, and humongous sizes from 35 to a whopping 58 inches tall. The D.O.T. even approved the Baja Pro XS for street use.

But the Baja Pro XS is no poser tire—Mickey Thompson gave it the goods to handle mud, sand, rocks, and whatever else your off-road adventures can throw at it:

• Tough 4-ply bias-ply construction with a durable rubber compound
• Aggressive directional tread pattern for balanced forward bite
• Circumferential tread elements for lateral grip that enhances off-road performance
* Sidebiter® cleats add an aggressive look and break up terrain for additional traction
• Siping for smooth surface traction and additional tire lug flex
• Angled shoulder scallops guide mud and loose earth into the Sidebiter cleats
• Mud scoops provide a concave surface and create a void to keep mud from adhering

The Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS Tire is available in these sizes:
• 35x13.50-17LT
• 38x13.50-17LT
• 40x13.50-17LT
• 15/43-17LT
• 15/43-20LT
• 19.5/46-16LT
• 19.5/46-20LT
• 17/49-20LT
• 19.5/54-20LT
• 21/58-24LT



Why You Should Replace Your Distributor with a DUI Street/Strip Distributor

Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) founder Kelly Davis created the DUI HEI system some 45 years ago. Arguably the first high performance HEI distributor ever, the DUI system has been improved over the years to the point where it is a viable alternative to the Capacitive Discharge (CD) ignitions that are the current benchmark for performance and racing use.

Now called the DUI Street/Strip, the distributor is a drop-in replacement for the factory unit. Just hook up one 12-volt wire and you’re good to go--no external coils or ignition boxes are required.


Have Fun with New Signs, Shirts, and BIGFOOT Construction Sets from Summit Racing

Looking for some much needed fun? Summit Racing can help with cool signs, shirts, and BIGFOOT toys.

Service Station Personalized LED Signs
Shed some light on your backyard bar, garage, or mancave with the weathered nostalgia of Service Station Personalized LED Signs. With five sign options to choose from and a 13-character line limit it’s easy to add your John Hancock or witty one-liners. All signs come with a three-foot extension cord, 18-inch attached USB cable, and handy remote for that instant taillight-type glow.


Summit Racing Ladies Jersey Lace-Up Long Sleeve Shirts
Don’t get tangled up in knots about what to wear to your next car show—just throw on the casual comfort of Summit Racing’s Ladies Jersey Lace-Up Long Sleeve Shirt. These soft cotton/polyester blend long sleeve shirts feature adjustable lace-up necks with the Summit Racing logo in all caps underneath. Choose from Smoke Black, Blue, or Red. Available in women’s sizes M-2XL.


BIGFOOT Steel Construction Set
There’s not much that can compare with seeing BIGFOOT’s car crushing power up close and personal—but building your own replica sure comes close. Enthusiasts and junior gearheads alike will get a kick out of engineering their own monster truck from this 313-piece all-metal construction kit. You’ll get BIGFOOT decals, working wheels, and all the necessary tools for tinkering. Great for children ages 6 and up. 




Keep Your Hot Car Cool with a Power Cool Performance LS/LT Swap Radiator

So you just swapped a GM LS or LT crate engine into your hot rod and need a reliable way to keep it cool during the blistering summer months. You could install a four-core copper/brass radiator like folks have been doing for eons, or go with a more modern two-row aluminum radiator. But there’s a better way. 

Power Cool Systems’ new LS/LT Engine Swap Performance Radiators are the only ones to feature a United Systems Group (USG) three-channel dimpled core—the exact type of radiator developed for and used exclusively on the 2018-19 Corvette Z06. This state-of-the-art fin/tube design provides peak heat transfer efficiency and increased operating pressure—perfect for boosted engines—for the highest amount of engine cooling possible. 

Because the Power Cool LS/LT engine swap radiators use this exclusive core technology, it means they are validated to meet all current GM durability standards. They are also the only radiator to be endorsed as an officially licensed product for cooling LS/LT crate engines by Chevrolet Performance. 

Check out all of the Power Cool performance radiator features:

  • Available for most popular GM applications with LS/LT engine swaps
  • Cools engines making in excess of 500 horsepower
  • State-of-the-art louvered fin and tube design for peak heat transfer
  • USG-produced three-channel dimpled core
  • Higher operating pressure than other radiator types
  • Radiator cap included
  • Made in the USA
Power Cool performance radiators are available in complete module assemblies with dual fans, wiring harness, overflow tank, and radiator cap



Xtreme Off-Road Ford Ranger Prerunner Parts Combos Now Available at Summit Racing

Did you know that Tennessee has desert? OK, it doesn’t, but that didn’t stop Nashville-based Xtreme Off-Road from turning a tired 2002 Ford Ranger into a desert race prerunner. XOR fabricated a roll cage, front bumper and rear chassis bars from 1.75 inch diameter tubing; added ridiculous amounts of suspension travel and a Ford Coyote motor; then dropped Raptor-style fiberglass over everything.

You can see the entire build on PowerNation TV, and many of the parts used in our Xtreme Off-Road Ford Ranger Prerunner Combos.


Build Your Vintage Pickup the Right Way with MAR-K Restoration Parts

True story: MAR-K got its start when the company founders made some hard-to-find parts for a Corvette restoration. When they discovered that finding parts for classic trucks was darn near impossible, they began making parts for those too. Capitalism rocks.

Today, MAR-K makes over 6,000 parts for GM, Ford, and Dodge trucks in their Oklahoma factory, so you can restore your American-made truck with American-made parts. Summit Racing carries a lot of those MAR-K parts including these:


Make the Switch to EFI Easier with a Summit Racing EFI Fuel Cell

Ready to make the switch to electronic fuel injection in your race car, off-roader, or street performance vehicle and want to use a fuel cell? Get one of our Summit Racing EFI Fuel Cells.

Ready for your new in-tank fuel pump, the cells are made from lightweight, TIG-welded 5052 aircraft aluminum, are fully baffled, and fitted with an 0-90 ohm sending unit (except the six gallon model) plus -8 AN return and tipover valve fittings. The fuel cells are designed to work best with a Summit Racing or Tanks Inc. retrofit electric fuel pump. Your choice of six, 12, 15, and 20 gallon capacities.


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