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Third-Generation (1979-1993) Fox Body Ford Mustang Parts at Summit Racing

1979-1993 Third-Generation Ford Mustang Performance Parts

The third-generation (1979-1993) of the Ford Mustang made being “four-eyed” cool. Generally referred to as the Fox Body (named after Ford’s Fox platform, which introduced a longer wheelbase), these third-gen Mustangs had a 15-year production run split in two—the “four-eye” Mustangs from 1979-86 (named due to their four sealed-beam headlights), and the “aeronose” from 1987-93. Aside from notable performance trim levels such as the 1982 5.0L High Output, 1984 GT-350, the SVO from ’84-86, and the iconic 1993 Cobra R, the Fox Body Mustangs weren’t necessarily built for power and performance from the factory. Instead, Foxes have become a popular canvas on which automotive artists could build their own race cars and street machines—custom-built ponies which won’t be corralled nor tamed. Here are some of the most common upgrade and repair parts for the 1979-1993 Fox Body Ford Mustangs.