Tom's Turbo Garage Project Firebolt: Removing the Drivetrain

Welcome to two exciting episodes of Tom's Turbo Garage Project Firebolt. The 2002 Toyota Tacoma that's getting a big dose of turbocharged LS engine. We're documenting the whole build on our OnAllCylinders blog.

In Part One, Tom Tharp provided an overview of the project. In Part 2, he tore down the junkyard 5.3 V8 down to see what needed to be replaced before the rebuild. And in Part 3, the 5.3L LS short block got reassembled with the good stuff like a Summit Racing Pro LS turbo camshaft, a Pro LS dual valve spring upgrade kit for the factory cylinder heads, and a Pro LS engine swap oil pan kit.

In Part 4, Tom switches gears and removes the factory 2.4L four cylinder and four-speed automatic transmission from the Tacoma. There is also BREAKING NEWS! we think you'll like, plus a special appearance by Nana, who helps with hood removal. Get a bag of Pop Secret (with butter) and settle in for some excellent disassembly.

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