Why You Should Consider a Volant Closed-Box Cold Air Intake System

Cold air intake systems can help improve your late model truck or car’s throttle response, power output, and fuel economy, especially when paired with other performance modifications.

Cold air intakes generally fall into one of two categories. Open element systems hang the air filter element in the engine compartment with little to no protection from heat or debris. These systems flow lots of air, are inexpensive, and easy to install, but at the cost of reduced filtration and filter element life.

Closed-box systems put the filter element in an enclosure, or box, that protects the element from heat and damage. That means more power-building airflow, better filtration, and longer filter element life.

Volant is a big believer in closed-box air intakes. The company makes several versions that have these features:

• Fully-enclosed plastic or aluminum air box protects filter element from heat and dust
• Larger than stock air boxes provide more volume to pull in more cold, dense air
• High-velocity air ducting streamlines the air pathway and maximizes air volume
• High-velocity venturi filter adapter provides a smooth transition through the MAF sensor into the intake tube, improving airflow compared to OEM air intake systems
• Premium-grade silicone hoses for air-tight connections
• Most systems have a tinted acrylic lid that allows visual inspection of the filter element

Choose your Volant closed-box air intake systems based on the filter element best suited to your vehicle and driving conditions:

Primo and Pro-5 filters feature oiled cotton gauze and synthetic fabric folded into deep pleats that provide a large surface area for excellent filtration plus the high airflow rates cotton gauze filters are famous for. The filters are reusable—just wash and re-oil after 10,000 miles (Primo) or up to 25,000 miles (Pro-5) of use depending on the application.

Drytech 3D filters trap more dirt and dust than oiled cotton gauze while providing lots of airflow. They also have extended service intervals of up to 50,000 miles depending on your driving conditions. The filter’s synthetic fiber fabric resists water saturation, dropping drying time to as little as two hours. If you can’t wait that long, just vacuum off the surface dirt or dust and you’re good to go.

PowerCore filters are the most efficient Volant offers. They use Donaldson’s PowerCore® filtration technology to trap submicron contaminants on the filter element’s surface instead of deep inside the pleats. That makes them ideal for dusty and dirty conditions like off-roading and construction sites. The filters don’t need oiling or cleaning and are water-resistant.

Summit Racing also carries Volant open-element cold air intake systems—we even have a snorkel system for Jeep JK Wranglers. All Volant cold air intake systems are made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


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