Superchips Flashcal Tuner for Jeep Gladiator Now Available at Summit Racing

Jeep has finally delivered the pickup we’ve been clamoring for since—well, a long time. Superchips didn’t wait for the Gladiator to show up on dealers’ lots to create a new Flashcal Tuner for the truck. The Flashcal lets you modify many vehicle parameters including:

• Correct speedometer for tires up to 41 inches in diameter
• Speedometer recalibration for axle gearing up to 5.38:1
• Transfer case low recalibration from 2.72-5.00 ratios
• Set for locking differentials
• Engine idle adjustability from 700-2,000 RPM for winching
• Sway bar lock/unlock
• Lock and hold/exit options for line and rock crawl locks
• Set TPMS system sensitivity from 22-56 PSI
• Set Daytime Running Light (DRL) operation and location
• Set turn signals, taillights, and third brake light for standard or LED bulbs

The Flashcal also lets you enable or disable the following vehicle features:

• Sway bars
• Towing package
• Electronic power steering pump
• Auto stop/start and auto park
• One touch lane change
• TPMS system
• Fog and halo lights
• Seatbelt minder
• Auxiliary switches
• Blind spot detection
• Backup and cargo cameras

The Superchips Flashcal Tuner comes with the jumper cable to connect it to your Gladiator’s OBDII port.

Summit Racing also carries a Flashcal Tuner for the Jeep Wrangler JL. It offers most of the features available on the Gladiator version. You can see an installation video and more complete feature descriptions of both Flashcals at the Superchips website.


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