Holley Sniper 2GC Small Bore EFI Conversion Systems Now Available at Summit Racing

About a billion GM small displacement V8s made from 1955 to 1979 came with a Rochester 2GC two-barrel carburetor—some of you might know it as a 2-Jet—as standard equipment. The 2GCs also found their way onto Buick V6s used in Jeep vehicles and for one year (1971), the Mopar 318.

If you want to convert your 2GC-equipped engine to EFI, Holley Sniper has you covered with the 2GC Small Bore EFI Conversion System. Designed to replace pre-1971 2GCs with the small (1 1/4 inch diameter) bores, the system supports up to 350 horsepower, improves throttle response and power, and eliminates cold start, hesitation, vapor lock, and flooding issues carburetors suffer from.

The Holley Sniper system comes with a self-tuning ECU that makes it easy to get up and running. Just use the handheld controller to answer some basic questions about your engine and the ECU will create a base map—the system will self-tune itself as you drive. You can also have the Sniper EFI 2GC take control of ignition timing when you use an MSD Pro Billet, Holley Dual Sync, or Holley Hyperspark distributor.

• Throttle body with two 100 lb./hr. fuel injectors
• Throttle body mounted ECU—no extra boxes to mount
• Only 4 wiring connections—battery positive/negative, switched ignition, and RPM
• Internal fuel pressure regulator eliminates the hassle of plumbing an external regulator
• GM OEM-style TPS sensor and Idle Air Control
•  Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen Sensor for real-time fuel map learning
• Universal throttle lever with TH-350, 700R4, and 200-4R transmission kickdown provisions
• High-resolution full-color touch screen for initial setup, tuning, and gauge displays

The Holley Sniper 2GC Small Bore EFI Conversion System comes with a clamp-on oxygen sensor kit for two inch diameter exhaust systems. You can also get a Master Kit with a high pressure fuel pump, fuel hose, two fuel filters, and required fittings for a complete fuel system conversion. Your choice of classic gold, polished, or black throttle body finishes.


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