Griffin Exact Fit Radiator and Fan Combos Now Available at Summit Racing

We’re confident Summit Racing has a Griffin Exact Fit Radiator and Fan Combo for your vehicle. We have combos for over 350 applications for vehicles ranging from Ford Model Ts to late model Camaros. Griffin even makes Exact Fit combos for the Ferrari 360—and if they make one for that, chances are good they make one for your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, or other popular car or truck.

The Exact Fit radiators are drop-in replacements for the factory radiator. They have OEM style stamped tanks, mounting provisions for all factory equipment, and all the required mounting tabs and brackets for a seamless installation with no cutting, bending, or special tools needed.

But that’s where the resemblance to factory ends. The Exact Fit radiators are fully welded from AA3003 aluminum and feature a MegaCool two-row core with 1.25 inch wide tubes that provide 25% more cooling capacity than radiators with two rows of one inch tubes. Radiators for automatic transmission applications have a built-in transmission fluid cooler.

After a Griffin radiator is assembled, all of the components are brazed together at high temperature (approximately. 1,100 degrees F) using what’s called vacuum brazing. The vacuum brazing process uses magnesium to give the aluminum additional strength—just like aluminum alloys used for aircraft frames and structural components of vehicle chassis. Nobody makes a radiator stronger than Griffin’s.

The Griffin Exact Fit Radiator and Fan Combos come with a single or dual electric fan setup depending on the application, a fan controller and wiring harness, and an aluminum shroud. If an Exact Fit radiator can’t keep your engine cool, we’d like to see it.


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