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Patricia Goff's 1969 Chevy Z/28 Camaro

When husband and wife gearheads Cliff and Patricia Goff of Ravenna, Ohio, purchased a 1969 Camaro Z/28 more than two decades ago, they had big plans: convert it into a drag car so Patricia could go head to head against Cliff’s seasoned 1969 Camaro.

The couple gave their newly obtained muscle machine what seemed like an appropriate name at the time.

“We called it ‘Double Vision’ because originally we were going to have them both look identical and race them together, but I got too crazy with my Camaro,” Cliff recalled.

He began swapping parts from his own drag car into his wife’s Z/28, creating an award-winning showstopper in the process, but leaving his own pride and joy in not-ready-for-race-day condition.

As Patricia said, “My car got all his leftovers.”

The results: Cliff’s Camaro will not be chewing asphalt anytime soon, but Patricia’s Z/28—painted by the Goffs in eye-popping Corvette Brilliant Red—is fully equipped to turn heads and turn in fast times at the track.

Cliff transplanted his Camaro’s 481 cubic inch Chevy big block, Richmond five-speed transmission, and rear axle into the Z/28. He back-halved it, and added a fuel cell, wheelie bars, a fire safety system, and Hooker Super Competition headers. Coil springs with stock control arms make up the front suspension; a four-link system holds up the rear. Other features include a tunnel ram intake with dual quads and a Vertex magneto distributor.

The car has been raced three times—once at Thompson Raceway Park and twice at Quaker City. They hope to return the Z/28 to the track someday, but until then, they’re content driving it on the street and displaying it at regional car shows. It took first place in the Domestic Bracket Racer division at the 2019 Summit Racing Equipment Piston Power AutoRama.

In addition to the his and hers Camaros, Patricia owns a 1970 Mustang fastback. There have also been a slew of C4 Corvettes in the Goff’s stable of cars over the years.

“In all honesty we’ve owned pretty much anything,” Cliff said. “We were just born that way, with both of us being interested in cars. My dad owned a body shop and so I have been working on and around cars since I was a boy. When Pat and I got together she was interested in cars too and it became a hobby for us.”

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