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Dialed In: David Canfield's 2015 Ford Mustang GT

Summit Racing boasts four nationwide warehouses packed with millions of parts, but it’s more than superchargers and exhaust kits that make us your number-one source for high performance. Give us a call and you’ll see—it’s our people that make us the best in the business.

David Canfield, a 19-year veteran at Summit Racing Equipment, leads a team of customer service specialists in our sales department, answering calls, texting, and chatting online with performance enthusiasts around the world. He and his team are dedicated to delivering the greatest service in the industry, and they back it up with countless hours spent in the garage and on the road testing the parts they recommend every day.

“One of my first memories was seeing my uncle’s brand-new, 1979 Mustang Indianapolis pace car gleaming in his garage,” says David. “Growing up, cars were always something we shared as a family. We’d go to car shows, swap meets, drag races and road races, even tour the factories up in Detroit. Spending that much time around all those cars, the music, the culture, it just becomes a part of who you are.”

Since then, David has owned a total of nine Mustangs, from a 1988 LX 4-cylinder, to a “too-nice-to-mess-with” 2000 Saleen convertible, and his current ride, a (you guessed it!) 2015 Mustang GT. Equipped with the track-focused performance pack, this Triple Yellow 5.0 is the perfect tuning platform for this lifelong Mustang fan.

“First and foremost, this car is my daily driver, so I needed to make sure I kept it reliable, and that it could deal with all the snow we get in Northeast Ohio,” he explains. “But I still wanted to be able to participate in car shows and autocross events, drag racing, and the occasional track day.” Easy, right? At Summit Racing we’ve heard it all, and we’ve built it all…sometimes all on the same car!

“The first performance upgrade I made was to stiffen up the rear end,” David recalls. “Under hard acceleration or when in turns, the Mustang’s soft rubber bushings allowed the IRS cradle to move, and it made the car feel like the rear tires were breaking loose. I added BMR’s cradle lockout kit to help keep it in place and reduce the vague feeling in the rear end.”

The Mustang’s track-ready ride and handling upgrades continue with a Ford Performance Track Strut and Shock kit, and a whole stable full of hardware from BMR, including front and rear adjustable sway bars, caster/camber plates, and lowering springs good for a street-friendly 1 1/4" drop up front and a half-inch out back. “While the Mustang felt capable, it had a little too much body roll for my tastes,” David explains. “Adding the suspension upgrades has really helped the car feel more stable and planted.”

To make the most of that added grip, David bolted on a Ford Performance Power Pack 2, which includes a free-flowing cold air intake, larger 87mm throttle body, and a fresh tune good for an extra 21 hp and 24 ft.-lbs. out of the Mustang’s Coyote V8. “The Power Pack increased the mid-range torque noticeably—I do find myself replacing tires a lot more often, but it’s still extremely reliable!” David jokes.

In addition to the performance hardware under the hood, a stainless steel Corsa Xtreme exhaust system frees up even more ponies, and amplifies that classic Mustang sound. “The Corsa exhaust makes me smile every time I start the car,” says David. “I always thought the S550 Mustangs were a little on the quiet side, but the Corsa system gave it that muscle car growl, and a top end howl that everyone seems to love.”

And David’s been causing an uproar all along the East Coast, capitalizing on the Mustang’s increased performance. “I built the car with the goal of making it more capable at open track days and the occasional autocross, but I love the versatility of the car most,” he says. “This past year, I took it on a 2,100-mile drive to Florida for the 24 Hours of Daytona; around the track at Atlanta Motorsports Park, Daytona, and Pittsburgh International Raceway; and down the quarter-mile at Summit Motorsports Park. It’s a car you don’t want to stop driving.”

Whether he’s flying down the back stretch at Daytona or cruising the city streets of Akron, every lesson David learns behind the wheel and under the hood of his Mustang plays a major role back at the office. “There’s no substitute for experience,” he says. “Being able to hold the parts in your hand, feel the quality, see how they install—those lessons are hard to replicate without hands-on experience. I want to be authentic with my suggestions and really understand the parts I’m selling. The best way to do that is to do it yourself."

Let our experience be your guide! Whether you’re building a sporty daily driver, a weekend cruiser, or a highly tuned track car (or all three, like David), we’re ready to help with the parts and people to make your next project a success. Give us a call or visit SummitRacing.com to speak with an expert like David and see how Summit Racing is powered by enthusiasts!


Ford Performance Parts Power Pack 2
Steeda Oil Separator

BMR Suspension Level 2 Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit
BMR Suspension Radius Arm Bushings
BMR Suspension Caster/Camber Plates
BMR Suspension Sway Bar End Links
BMR Suspension Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Kit
BMR Suspension Lowering Springs
BMR Suspension Aluminum Vertical Links
Ford Performance Parts Track Strut and Shock Kit

Interior/Exterior Appearance:
Ford Performance Parts 5.0L Black Fender Emblems
Ford Performance Parts GT350R Starter Button
Ford Performance Parts GT350R Steering Wheel
Longacre Aluminum Spoiler Supports
Steeda Clutch Assist Spring
Steeda S550 Mustang Upper & Lower Grille Delete
Custom grille insert, splitter extensions, and tow hook

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