Summit Racing Gets Doused in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

8/12/2014 - News

Ask Away! With Jeff Smith at OnAllCylinders: Peak Power Vs. The Torque Curve

So what has OnAllCylinders' Dear Abby of Horsepower, Jeff Smith, been pondering lately? Peak horsepower--specifically, what it is and why us gearheads get tripped up by it.

7/31/2014 - News

Check Out the Latest Tech Stories at OnAllCylinders!

The tireless bloggers at Summit Racing’s OnAllCylinders never rest. They are always coming up with plenty of tech articles for you guys—installation stories, how-to videos, tech tips, and tech Q&A. Not only do they write their own articles, our editors also source excellent tech from manufacturers and some of the top men in the performance biz—guys like Jeff Smith, John Gilbert, Jim Brightly, and Steve Baur.

7/7/2014 - News

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith at OnAllCylinders: All About Horsepower

What's attracted the interest of OnAllCylinders' tech guy, Jeff Smith, recently? Horsepower, that's what--specifically, what it is, how to measure it, and what it really has to do with actual horses.

6/27/2014 - News

Tech-O-Rama: The Latest Tech Stories on OnAllCylinders

We know you eat up tech and how-to stories like little kids eat french fries at McDonald’s. Well, our OnAllCylinders blog always has extra-large servings of tech for you—part installs, how-to videos, tech tips, and Q&A from manufacturers, well-known experts like Jeff Smith, Wayne Scraba, and Patrick Hill, and OAC’s own editors.

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