Summit Racing Equipment Adds More Reproduction Sheetmetal From Sherman Parts

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Sherman Parts keeps cranking out reproduction and replacement sheetmetal for classic musclecars—and Summit Racing keeps adding Sherman Parts sheetmetal to its huge inventory of restoration parts and accessories. Here are a couple of the latest items available:

Front Fenders for 1970-72 Oldsmobile Cutlass
Collectors are finally starting to appreciate Olds’ version of the GM A-body. If you are bringing a Cutlass, Cutlass S, or even a Vista Cruiser wagon back to life, Summit Racing has the front fenders you need. They are made to exacting specifications and are black EDP coated for rust resistance.

Quarter Panels for 1968-72 Plymouth Road Runner
Mother Mopar built some awesome musclecars…but let’s be honest, rust resistance was not at the top of her to-do list. Fortunately, Sherman Parts makes lots of repair parts for Mopars, like these quarter panels for the Road Runner. Summit Racing offers full quarters and lower quarter patch panels.

Cowl Panels for 1967-72 Pontiac Firebird
Like a lot of 1960s and ‘70s cars, Firebird’s suffered from cowl panel damage. Water would get between the inner and outer cowl panels and turn them into rusty junk. Sherman Parts makes both inner and outer cowl panels so you can do a complete repair.

Torque Boxes for 1966-69 Ford Fairlane
Able to accept everything from a little 289 to an FE or 429/460 big block, Fairlanes were popular street and race cars. Being a unibody, Fairlanes had torque boxes to add rigidity to the rear subframe; these often were damaged when the car twisted under hard acceleration. Sherman Parts makes exact reproductions of the torque boxes so you can bring your Fairlane back to the straight and narrow.

Other Stuff Worth Knowing: Whether you’re fixing up a classic or repairing a daily driver, Summit Racing carries thousands of Sherman Parts products—over 26,000 of them at last count—including sheetmetal, headlight assemblies, door handles, mirrors, bumpers, and interior parts for many vehicles made from 1946 to 2013.

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