Get Balanced Air and Fuel Delivery with an AED HO Series Carburetor

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Custom-tuned performance at an affordable price.

Why They’re Cool: The HO Series is about as close to a custom-tuned carburetor as you can get straight out of the box. The mechanical secondary carburetors are tuned on AED’s computerized wet-flow bench to properly match and balance fuel delivery to all cylinders. That means a better-controlled fuel metering signal and strength for crisp throttle response, great drivability, and killer acceleration at any engine speed.

HO Series Carburetor Features
• Custom, high-flow CNC-machined billet metering blocks
• Milled choke tower for more balanced air delivery
• 4-corner adjustable idle circuits
• Adjustable idle air bleeds
• Dual accelerator pumps
• Dual vacuum ports
• Aluminum fuel bowls with large sight glasses
• Reusable non-stick gaskets and washers

HO Series Carburetors are available in 650, 750, 850, 950, and 1,000 cfm ratings for gasoline and 750, 850, and 950 cfm for alcohol.

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