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Have you ever had that uncanny feeling of someone’s—or something’s—presence? You can almost see it lurking around out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to confront it, it’s gone.



It’s hard to get attention in the custom car racket these days. So many guys are building (or are having built) so many high-profile rides that you can hardly see the hot rod forest for the chrome and metal-flake trees.


History In Motion

What happens when a couple of semi-retired car guys get together for lunch? History gets made—all over again.


Pro Stock Anatomy

What does a champion NHRA Pro Stock racer do in his free time? Absolutely nothing, ’cause there is no such thing as free time when you’re talking about Greg Anderson, 2005 NHRA Pro Stock World Champion and Team Summit racer. Anderson, teammate Jason Line, and the rest of the KB Racing crew don’t have the luxury of free time—such is the price of three consecutive championships.


Doing It Right

Art Krepps built his 1961 Corvette Coupe with one hand tied behind his back. Well, maybe we’re exaggerating just a bit. But he did bring the ’Vette from backyard trash to a showstopper himself, with help from his sons. That includes fabrication, body work, paint, engine work, interior, and anything else custom the car needed.


Back To The Street

Ron Wood of Kent, Ohio, was Pro Street when Pro Street wasn’t popular. Back in the early 1970s, he ran Goodyear Indy oval track tires on his blown 1969 Corvette because there wasn’t anything available to handle the engine's 550 horsepower. “Trailers are for boats," Ron explained, "I wanted a car I could drive on the street. I didn’t want to start it up, put it on the trailer, and haul it to where it needed to be. It was a lot more fun to drive than it would have been to haul it.”


Family Tradition

It’s possible that you haven’t heard about Denny Terzich’s 1937 Ford. Maybe you live in the Yukon or the Sahara, where the car magazines take weeks to arrive and hot rod websites are just a rumor. Anyway, we welcome you back to civilization with the story of a boss ride and the folks who built it.


One Ton Of Fun

To paraphrase a Bruce Willis flick, we see slammed dualies.



Before Pro Touring, before G-Machines, before every Fox body Mustang on the planet got a supercharger, big brakes, and ludicrous horsepower, there was QuikStang.


Street Gasser

Joe Chiurco is an old fashioned kind of guy. He takes things easy in a go-like-mad world. Computers and electronic gadgets do absolutely nothing for him. The Atkins Diet? Forget it.

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