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Extraordinary: Greg Hoffman's 1966 Mustang Fastback

Over 600,000 Mustangs were produced in 1966, and you won’t find a single one that’ll compare to Greg Hoffman’s ’66 fastback. It combines classic and late-model styling so well that you’d swear it’s a concept that Ford has kept secret. Originally slated for a complete restoration, this Mustang was saved by a smoking deal and good ol’ fashioned creativity.


Beautiful Noise

Cracklin' Rosie get on board, we’re gonna ride till there ain't no more to go…


Shock to the System

Wanna make jokes about the color of Al Stacko’s award-winning ride? You’d best bring your A-game material, friend, because he has heard them all and emerged unflustered.


Ultimate Edition

The 1962 C-1 Corvette—it was the final edition of the first generation of American sports cars to carry the famed crossed flags, and the first ride to put a serious grip on Ron Robinson’s 13-year-old imagination. “In 1963, my brother had a pretty potent 427 Ford Galaxie, and boy did he think he was the king of the hill,” recalls Ron. Then one day, their neighbor pulled up next to them in a Honduras Maroon 1962 Chevy Corvette. That 4-speed fuelie only had a 327, but it left the Ford fastback in its dust and made a powerful impression on Ron, too.


A Fish on the Line

Contractor Bill Watkins is a sentimental man who loves his wife and his kids. His commitment to his family is so deep that he kept this project car—a fiery and fierce 1969 Plymouth Barracuda fastback—on hold for 20 years. “With the kids in school, and then traveling all summer for baseball and other activities, I just didn’t have the time!” he says. “I had to leave the car in the garage, partially restored. About once a summer, I’d remove all the garage stuff I had stacked on it, evict the cats that were living in it, and roll it out. I’d look at it for a while, sigh, and then roll it back in.”


Double Take

When we last left newlyweds Jim and Diana Lopochonsky of Greenville, PA, it was July of 1993: flannel shirts were high fashion, Walker, Texas Ranger was laying down the law, and Meat Loaf was doing anything for love. Meanwhile, we were proud to feature the duo’s radical Pro Street ’33 Ford coupe on the cover of our catalog. Fast-forward 17 years and they’re still at it—and now they’ve even got their teenaged son Jamison in on the act.


Highway Star

Daily drivers are like opinions, everyone has one, and some are better than others. We’re betting you’d be hard pressed to find a regular ride as nice as Tom and Jan Stepp’s beautiful 1959 Cadillac Series 62 sedan. From the 4.6L Northstar engine under the mile-long hood to the stratospheric tail fins, this fully customized Caddy is one big, bold piece of American iron, and thanks to the Michigan couple, it has a new lease on life along with a dual personality.


Bred for Power

“When I pulled up to the burnout box, people grabbed their cameras. Tons of flashes were going off when I lit ’em up, lit ’em up big! Everyone went crazy!” Ken Belanger says with a smile. The memory was still fresh in his mind and the crowd’s response was the perfect pay off for completing his 1967 Ford Mustang coupe.


Drop Top Destiny

Destiny. Some people believe that all things and all interactions follow a predetermined path and you can’t change the outcome no matter how hard you try. The whole idea might sound a little far fetched, but if you’re Tim Tuel—owner of this incredible 1964 Impala SS convertible—you might feel a little different.


Emerald Arrowhead

Every time Ron Kintz looks at his 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix, he can't help but smile. After spending ten years turning a scorched and melted scrap pile into this streamlined starship of a car, you'd think he'd be tired of seeing it. But for Ron, this car is a dream come true, and he made it happen with some sweat, some tears, and the help of his friends and family. The pride is plain to see even as he simply flicks on the headlights for the photographer. He ran those wires, installed that switch, polished that chrome trim around the lights by hand, and he did it all and more while keeping his business running and family growing.

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