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The original Summit Racing QuadraDeuce debuted in 1995 as the world's first all-wheel drive '32 roadster. It sported wonderful weirdness like an A-arm/pushrod activated front suspension, a Corvette ZR-1 rear suspension, a front diff pirated from a GMC Syclone, and a 500 horse fuelie small block mated to a T56 six-speed. By 1999, the Q-Deuce was in need of a refreshing, and Troy Trepanier was tapped for the job. The result of his work is the car you see here. 

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The QuadraDeuce retains much of its original A-arm/pushrod system. The A-arms were shortened two inches to make the front track the same width as the rear. The coil-over shocks were replaced with QA1 Star AL adjustable shocks and 100 pound lighter QA1 coil springs to improve the ride without compromising handling. The brakes are 13 1/2 inch Baer 4-piston discs. More custom touches by Rad Rides include the headlight and the fillets where the A-arms and half-shaft go through the body.

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Dreamed up by design wizard Bob Thrash, the air cleaner’s wings are ducted to openings in the side panels to feed fresh air to the 406 cubic inch small block lurking underneath. Built and tuned by John Lingenfelter, the 9.0:1 mill features a 294 degree duration Comp Cams solid lifter cam, ported and polished Gm Performance Parts Bowtie 18 degree aluminum heads, and a Bowtie 18 degree intake with a DFI port fuel injection system. Ignition is from MSD, and fuel from the Rad Rides-fabricated 18 gallon fuel cell goes through an Aeromotive fuel pump, regulator, and filter. What wasn't chromed or polished was painted PPG Argent Charcoal Silver to match the rest of the drivetrain.

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The Q-Deuce’s original headers exited from the side panels, then routed back through the frame rails to the exhaust. Rad Rides replaced them with 2 inch primary headers that route along the inside of the frame rails to a balance tube and a pair of Flowmaster 50 Series mufflers. The pipes then converge into a single tip in the middle of the rear roll pan. The frame was painted Smoke Charcoal Silver to match the exterior, and the underside of the body was sprayed with tinted Speedliner coating to protect it from road grunge.

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The multitalented Bob Thrash penned the paint scheme for the Q-Deuce. St. Aubin Auto Body in Manteno, Illinois sprayed the PPG Smoke Charcoal Silver/Wild Cherry paint, and Mr. Thrash did the yellow and red flames. Body modifications are subtle—redesigned roofline, steel hood, aluminum side panels, radiator shell, headlights and LED taillights, and rear rollpan—yet give the car a whole new look. Credit goes to Warren Lewis of Rad Rides for the bodywork. 

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Upholsterer Kip Kuiper replaced the original bucket seats with a leather-covered bench. He also laid down the wool carpet, redid the door and side panels in leather and carpet, and built the cover for the B&M Hammer shifter. The original fiberglass dash was modified to accept a quintet of Auto Meter Ultra-Lite carbon fiber gauges. Billet Specialties supplied the tilt steering column and wheel.

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You normally want to use the same size tires front and rear on all-wheel drive vehicles to prevent uneven tire and differential wear. But Troy gave the QuadraDeuce the classic "bigs and littles" hot rod setup by using a 3.43 gears up front and 3.73s in the back. The wheels are one-off Billet Specialties pieces (18 inches front, 20 inches rear) on BFGoodrich g-Force rubber. The difference in wheel rotation between the front and rear is just four per 100 revolutions. 

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