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A JE slug and Manley connecting rod assembly ready to be popped into its bore. Note the single relief for the intake valve.

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No factory timing chain here—only a strong, stone-reliable Milodon gear drive is good enough for an engine of this magnitude. The fixed-idler gear drive helps maintain rock-solid cam timing without siphoning off engine power like a four-gear drive can. The Milodon drive also has an adjustable cam gear and hub to make timing changes easy. You can also get a glimpse of the 7 quart Moroso aluminum wet sump oil pan and the ARP cylinder head studs. Don’t pay attention to those aluminum end rail spacers—those were on the engine when Denny was still contemplating using the 14-71 supercharger setup.

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Cylinder Heads
Kevin didn’t mess around when it came to choosing cylinder heads for the 580—he went right to Trick Flow Specialties and got a pair of PowerPort Race aluminum heads. The heads feature 360cc rectangular intake ports, 137cc exhaust ports, and 122cc combustion chambers. Trick Flow stuffs the assembled heads with stainless steel 2.300” intake/1.880” exhaust valves, 1.640” dual valve springs with titanium retainers to reduce valvetrain weight, 10 degree steel valve locks, 7/16” rocker arm studs, and guideplates for 3/8” pushrods. As-delivered, the PowerPort Race heads can flow a whopping 390 cfm of air on the intake side at .800” valve lift, and 301 cfm on the exhaust side at the same lift figure.

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The first thing Kevin did when the Trick Flow heads arrived at his shop was cut receiver grooves around the combustion chambers for O-ring seals or Fel-Pro Loc-Wire gaskets with built-in O-rings. Believe it or not, those little O-rings will help contain the incredible cylinder pressures generated by 20-odd pounds of boost and keep the heads from popping off the block. This trick fixture insures the grooves are accurately cut to the proper depth and diameter.

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Next on the list for the Trick Flow PowerPort heads was a port and polish job and a session on the flowbench. The port work netted a 30 cfm airflow increase on the intake side and 20 cfm on the exhaust side. The heads came from Trick Flow as bare castings; Kevin assembled them with Manley Severe Duty valves, 1.640” Comp Cams dual valve springs and titanium retainers, and 10° valve locks.

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The rocker arms are 1.7 ratio Jesel Sportsman shaft rockers. The rockers have CNC-machined billet steel stands, CNC-machined 2024 aluminum rocker bodies with Timken needle bearings and pinned nose rollers, and Grade 8 Torx hold-down bolts. In short, you can set the valve lash with a set of Jesels and it ain’t gonna move. In fact, Steve Roth didn’t touch the valvetrain at all during Drag Week, a solid testament to the Jesel design. The pushrods are Comp Cams chromemoly units.

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Induction System
Through the magic of digital photography, you now see the 580 in the Camaro and Kevin hard at work installing the Jesel rockers on the passenger side cylinder head. But what we really want you to look at is the Weiand Team G intake manifold. It’s a highrise design whose sole purpose in life is to deliver massive quantities of air and fuel to the combustion chambers. The raised plenum and large, extended runners not only flow the required volume of air and fuel, they improve fuel atomization and velocity. Those are important factors when dealing with a supercharger pushing lots of pressurized air into the manifold. Go too small or short with the runners and all that boosted air gets bunched up in the manifold and the fuel doesn’t get a chance to atomize properly. The intake was port-matched to the cylinder heads.

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Big cubic inches and big boost need a big carburetor. Carburetor Solutions Unlimited had just the thing—a 1,050 cfm Dominator modified to work as a blow-through carb. The carb features race-oriented features like screw-in air bleeds, blended venturis, custom annular boosters, a hand-assembled baseplate to ensure a smooth transition from idle to wide open throttle circuits, and screw-in jet extensions in the secondary metering block. Each CSU carb is calibrated for the intended application—emulsion circuits, idle feeds, jetting, and accelerator pump circuits are all modified to the engine’s specific fuel needs. Kevin ordered up the Dominator with dual needle and seat assemblies in each fuel bowl; the upgrade ensures the carburetor can supply enough fuel to support 1,850 horsepower.

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Here is the big star of the 1,500 rear-wheel horsepower show. The ProCharger F3 centrifugal supercharger is the company’s heavy hitter, capable of supplying enough boost to get a well-prepped doorslammer into the sixes—or to win Drag Week. The F3 has a CNC-machined billet housing and impeller, billet steel shafts and gears, and high-speed bearings capable of handling overdrive ratios of 5.10 to 6.24:1 and impeller speeds approaching 55,000 rpm. Like all ProChargers, the F3 has a self-contained lubrication system—no need to punch a hole in the engine’s oil pan and run oil feed lines to the supercharger. The F3 can flow upwards of 4,000 cfm and support up to 2,300 horsepower.

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Denny Terzich fitted the aluminum supercharging tubing his own self. Here, Denny is marking where the feed tube from the intercooler to the carburetor needs to be trimmed. The carburetor hat is from Steve Morris Racing Engines. According to Steve Morris, the aluminum hat has a massive 5” inlet, and is worth 25 to 30 peak horsepower on high-power (1,400 horsepower-up) engines.

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