Basic Transmission Dimensions

NOTE: B, C, and D measurements are from the mounting face of the transmission, not the tip of the input shaft.

Chrysler A-833 4-Speed (1970-Earlier B-body, Forward Position Shifter)

A B C D(1) E (2) F (3) G(4)
8.57" 27" 15.28" 13.82" 1-23 (std.) 2" or 2.76" 26-spline (std.)
1 3/16-18 (HD) 30-spline (HD)

Richmond 6-Speed (Chrysler, Part No. RMG-7031618)

A B C D (1) E(2) F (3) G (4)
8.57" 24" 18" 20.75" 1 3/16-18 3.75" 1 3/8-32-spline

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