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Charts and Guides

Charts And Guides


TCI Stall Speed Ratings

This chart from TCI shows stall speed ratings for its converters based on camshaft and rear-axle gear ratios. While the chart is based on TCI's series of converters, the specifications are good general guidelines for those types of converters regardless of manufacturer.

(Chart courtesy of TCI)


RPM vs. Gear Ratio and Tire Height

This chart shows you the cruise rpm at 60 miles per hour based on gear ratio and tire height. For maximum performance with less converter slip at the lockup point, your converter's stall speed should stall close to these figures. If the gear ratio and tire size you want to use isn't on the chart, use the following formula to calculate cruise rpm:

MPH x Axle Ratio x 336
Tire Diameter


V8 Firing Order

Do small, simple projects become extremely large and a little out of your league when it comes to your ride? A simple distributor cap and rotor change could get pretty ugly; or that once well-mannered carburetor can suddenly become a smoke-puffing, gas spitting-monster.

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